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Grace Jones - Living My Life (1982) - Lp

Release: 1982
Genre:  Reggae
Format:  LP
Label:  Island Records
Catalog#  204753
Prijs:  € 10,00

Living My Life is the sixth studio album by Grace Jones, released in 1982. It was the last of three albums she recorded at the Compass Point Studios in the Bahamas.
Jones had already recorded two reggae-oriented albums with the Compass Point All Stars at the Compass Point Studios in Nassau, Bahamas, with the most recent, Nightclubbing, becoming her most successful record to date. She went back into the studio in 1982 to record an album which would be her final offering in the unofficial Compass Point trilogy. This time around, Jones recorded only one cover, "The Apple Stretching", which was originally written by Melvin Van Peebles and used in the Broadway show Waltz of the Stork. "Nipple to the Bottle" was co-written with Sly Dunbar, while, apart from "My Jamaican Guy", the other tracks were collaborations with Barry Reynolds.
The title track "Living My Life", despite receiving a limited single release, was ultimately left off the album. Further outtakes included the track "Man Around the House" (written by Jones and Barry Reynolds), and a cover of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire".

Side one
1. My Jamaican Guy (6:00)
2. Nipple to the Bottle (5:55)
3. The Apple Stretching (7:08)

Side two
1. Everybody Hold Still (3:10)
2. Cry Now, Laugh Later (5:00)
3. Inspiration (4:35)
4. Unlimited Capacity for Love (5:45)


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