February 19, 2014

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Huey Lewis & The News - Picture This (1982)

Artist:  Huey Lewis & The News
Title:  Picture This
Release:  1982
Format:  LP
Label:  Chrysalis Records
Catalog#  204442

“Picture This” is the second album by American rock band Huey Lewis and the News, released in 1982. The band produced the album themselves along with their manager, Bob Brown. Several outside tunes were included on the album. One of these tunes was "Do You Believe in Love", written by Robert John "Mutt" Lange. It turned out to be their first hit single, reaching the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. The follow-up single, "Hope You Love Me Like You Say You Do", reached the Top 40; while the third single, "Workin' for a Livin'", just missed the Top 40.
"Giving It All Up for Love" is a cover of a Phil Lynott song. Lynott was best known as the singer and bassist for the hard rock group Thin Lizzy, and Huey Lewis played harmonica on Lynott's first two solo albums, as well as Thin Lizzy's Live and Dangerous album. "Buzz Buzz Buzz" is a cover of a song from the 1950s by The Hollywood Flames.

Side one
1. Change of Heart (3:41)
2. Tell Me A Little Lie (3:42)
3. Tattoo (Giving It All Up for Love) (3:11)
4. Hope You Love Me Like You Say You Do (3:44)
5. Workin' for a Livin´ (2:36)

Side two
1. Do You Believe in Love (3:30)
2. Is It Me (3:01)
3. Whatever Happened to True Love (3:14)
4. The Only One (4:46)
5. Buzz Buzz Buzz (2:29)

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XTC - English Settlement (1982)

Artist:  XTC
Title:  English Settlement
Release:  1982
Format:  LP
Label:  Virgin Records
Catalog#  204446

“English Settlement” is the fifth studio album by the English band XTC,
Arguably XTC's defining album, “English Settlement” is a significant milestone of the band's ability as musicians and songwriters. Some prevalent lyrical themes include the preservation of buildings, world peace, youthful rebellion, and the frustrations of love.
Andy Partridge's discovery of the 12-string guitar set the tone for “English Settlement”, an album that moved away from the pop gloss of “Black Sea” in favor of lighter, though still rhythmically heavy, acoustic numbers with more complex and intricate instrumentation. There are plenty of pop gems "Senses Working Overtime" stands as one of their finest songs -- but the main focus seems to be the more expansive sound; most of the songs are drawn out to near-epic length, ultimately taking some of the impact of the songs away. Despite several terrific tracks, “English Settlement” seems more a transitional album than anything else, although the textural sound of the album is quite remarkable, indicating the direction they would take in their post-touring incarnation.
The album spawned three UK singles: "Senses Working Overtime", "Ball And Chain" and "No Thugs in Our House".

Side One
1.  Runaways  (4:33)  
2.  Ball And Chain  (4:30)  
3.  Senses Working Overtime  (4:50)  
4.  Jason And The Argonauts  (6:05)  
5.  Snowman  (5:12) 

Side Two
1.  Melt The Guns  (6:31)  
2.  No Thugs In Our House  (5:09)  
3.  Yacht Dance  (3:54)  
4.  English Roundabout  (3:48)  
5.  All Of A Sudden (It's Too Late)  (5:19)

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Lou Reed - The Blue Mask (1982)

Artist:  Lou Reed
Title:  The Blue Mask
Release:  1982
Format:  LP
Label:  RCA Records
Catalog#  LP 6028

“The Blue Mask” is the eleventh studio album by singer-songwriter Lou Reed. It was the first album released after Reed left Arista Records and returned to RCA Records. It returns to the stripped-down sound of his previous group, the Velvet Underground, with only guitars, bass and drums. It also follows the Velvet Underground stylistically by counterpointing and transposing jarring feedback-driven rock with tough and tender ballads, melodic distortion of a magnitude not heard since the "Sister Ray" days.
“The Blue Mask” was Reed's first album after he overcame a long-standing addiction to alcohol and drugs, and it reveals a renewed focus and dedication to craft for the first time in years, Reed had written an entire album's worth of moving, compelling songs, and was performing them with keen skill and genuine emotional commitment. Reed was also playing electric guitar again, and with the edgy genius he summoned up on White Light/White Heat. Just as importantly, he brought Robert Quine on board as his second guitarist, giving Reed a worthy foil who at once brought great musical ideas to the table, and encouraged the bandleader to make the most of his own guitar work. (Reed also got superb support from his rhythm section, bassist extraordinaire Fernando Saunders and ace drummer Doane Perry). As Reed stripped his band back to a muscular two-guitars/bass/drums format, he also shed the faux-decadent "Rock N Roll Animal" persona that had dominated his solo work and wrote clearly and fearlessly of his life, his thoughts, and his fears, performing the songs with supreme authority whether he was playing with quiet subtlety (such as the lovely "My House" or the unnerving "The Gun") or cranked-to-ten fury (the paranoid "Waves of Fear" and the emotionally devastating title cut). Intelligent, passionate, literate, mature, and thoroughly heartfelt, The Blue Mask was everything Reed's fans had been looking for in his work for years, and it's vivid proof that for some rockers, life can begin on the far side of 35.

Side one
1.  My House  (5:25)
2.  Women  (4:57)
3.  Underneath the Bottle  (2:33)
4.  The Gun  (3:41)
5.  The Blue Mask  (5:06)

Side two
1.  Average Guy  (3:12)
2.  The Heroine  (3:06)
3.  Waves of Fear  (4:11)
4.  The Day John Kennedy Died  (4:08)
5.  Heavenly Arms  (4:47)

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Oak Ridge Boys - Bobbie Sue (1982)

Artist:  Oak Ridge Boys
Title:  Bobbie Sue
Release:  1982
Format:  LP
Label:  MCA Records
Catalog#  204502

The Oak Ridge Boys is an American musical group. Originally a gospel group, their switched its focus to country music in the mid-1970s, releasing a string of hit albums and singles that lasted into the early 1990s.
“Bobbie Sue” is the seventh album and was released on February 10, 1982.
The album also featured cover versions of two songs, the 1959 hit "So Fine", a song originally by the Fiestas, and "Up on Cripple Creek", originally by The Band.

Side one
1. Bobbie Sue   (2:49)  
2. I Wish You Were Here (Oh My Darlin')   (3:24)  
3. Doctor's Orders   (3:30)  
4. Old Kentucky Song   (2:37)  
5. So Fine   (2:47) 

Side two
1. I Wish You Could Have Turned My Head (And Left My Heart Alone)   (3:24)  
2. Back In Your Arms Again   (2:58)  
3. Up On Cripple Creek   (3:05)  
4. Until You   (3:06)  
5. Would They Love Him Down In Shreveport   (2:25)

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Normaal - Deurdonderen (1981)

Artist:  Normaal
Title:  Deurdonderen
Release:  1981
Format:  LP
Label:  WEA Records
Catalog#  58437

Normaal is een Nederlandse popgroep die als de grondlegger van de boerenrock wordt gezien.
In 1982 brengen ze hun zesde album "Deurdonderen" uit. Het is het laatste album met gitaarist Alan Gascoigne
die wordt vervangen door Paul Kemper ("Kempen Paul Mealmoes").
"Mama Woar Is Mien Pils" en "Deurdonderen kwamen als singles van dit album en bereikte beiden de Top-40.

Side one
1.  Deurdonderen   (4:00)  
2.  De Boer Is De Keerl   (3:40)  
3.  Kleine Dinie   (3:20)  
4.  Dat Mot Können   (4:00)  
5.  Belasting   (3:35)  
6.  Mamma, Woar Is Mien Pils   (2:56) 

Side two
1.  De Beer Is Los   (3:37)  
2.  L.D.D.N. (Loaw 'T Dink Niet Nuumen)  (2:54)  
3.  Val Kapot   (4:21)  
4.  Vennenbuleten Sunset   (3:20)  
5.  Oei, Oei, Oei, Oei, Foi Toch   (4:30)  
6.  Bloedarmoe  (4:17)

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Margriet Eshuijs Band - Right On Time (1981)

Artist:  Margriet Eshuijs Band
Title:  Right On Time
Release:  1981
Format:  LP
Label:  CBS Records
Catalog#  85105

Margriet Eshuijs (Zaandam, 14 oktober 1952) is een Nederlandse popzangeres, bekend van o.a. zangeres van
de groep Lucifer, samen met toenmalig drummer Hennie Huisman.
In 1979 ging Margriet solo en bracht haar tweede solo album "Right On Time" uit in 1981 als Margriet Eshuijs Band. Van het album kwamen 3 singles, de Top-40 hit "Black Pearl", "This Time" en "Girl On The Radio".

Side one
1.  Right On The Money (Right On Time)  (2:50)  
2.  This Time  (4:02)  
3.  Beautiful Loser  (3:15)  
4.  Girl On The Radio  (2:58)  
5.  Black Pearl  (5:30) 

Side two
1.  City Life  (4:09)  
2.  Why Should I Give It To You  (4:00)  
3.  Single Day  (5:15)  
4.  Keys To The Kingdom  (5:15)

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February 16, 2014

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Rainbow - Difficult To Cure (1981)

Artist:  Rainbow
Title:  Difficult To Cure
Release:  1981
Format:  LP
Label:  Polydor Records
Catalog#  2391506

“Difficult To Cure” is the fifth studio album by the British hard rock band, Rainbow, and was released in 1981. The album marked the further commercialization of the band's sound, with Blackmore once describing at the time his like of the rock band, Foreigner. The album material was started with singer Graham Bonnet still in the band, getting as far as recording an early version of "I Surrender", before Bonnet left the band due to his dissatisfaction over the material. American singer Joe Lynn Turner, formerly of Fandango was recruited and sang over already completed musical tracks. Turner stated that, because of this, he was singing in higher keys than he would do normally (and would do subsequently)
"I Surrender" would be the band's highest charting single in the UK, reaching No. 3.
The song "Spotlight Kid" was covered by the German power metal band Angel Dust for their album Border of Reality (1998).

Side one
1.  I Surrender  (4:01)  
2.  Spotlight Kid  (4:52)  
3.  No Release  (5:20)  
4.  Magic  (4:05)  
5.  Vielleicht Das Nachster Zeit (Maybe Next Time)  (3:20) 

Side two
1.  Can't Happen Here  (4:55)  
2.  Freedom Fighter  (4:20)  
3.  Midtown Tunnel Vision  (4:31)  
4.  Difficult To Cure  (5:55)

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Camel - Nude (1981)

Artist:  Camel
Title:  Nude
Release:  1981
Format:  LP
Label:  Decca
Catalog#  6399110

“Nude” is a concept album released by English progressive rock band Camel in 1981. It was their eighth studio album. The album is based on a true story of a Japanese soldier (Hiroo Onoda) marooned on an island in World War II who doesn't know that the war is over. "Nude" derives from his family name "Onoda". The album's lyrics were mainly written by Susan Hoover, except "Please Come Home", which was written by Andrew Latimer. It was the last Camel album to feature original drummer Andy Ward.
More ambitious than the preceding I Can See Your House from Here, “Nude” is in many ways just as impressive. Although it's a less accessible effort, it has a number of quite intriguing passages, particularly since it boasts heavier improvisation, orchestration, and even some worldbeat influences. It's not as spacy as Camel's earlier progressive rock records, yet it is quite atmospheric, creating its own entrancing world.

Side one
1.  City Life   (5:02)  
2.  Nude   (0:22) 
3.  Drafted   (4:18)  
4.  Docks  (3:50)  
5.  Beached   (3:52)  
6.  Landscapes   (2:36) 

Side two
1.  Changing Places  (4:10)  
2.  Pomp & Circumstance   (2:03)  
3.  Please Come Home  (1:12)  
4.  Reflections   (2:45)  
5.  Captured  (3:13)  
6.  The Homecoming   (2:40)  
7.  Lies   (4:57)  
8.  The Last Farewell  (4:05)
    (a)The Birthday Cake
    (b) Nude´s Return

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J.J. Cale - Shades (1980)

Artist:  J.J. Cale
Title:  Shades
Release:  1980
Format:  LP
Label:  Shelter Records
Catalog#  203276

“Shades” is the sixth album by J.J. Cale, released in 1981, and returning to his tradition of single-word album titles. Though Cale didn't use one constant band throughout the album, it's got a remarkably unified feeling. This is in part due to the great musicians on hand (pianist Bill Payne, drummers Jim Keltner and Russ Kunkel, and guitarist James Burton among others), but primarily to Cale himself. His songs and his overal approach to music are all-encompassing; the seductive and laid-back grooves his rhythm sections empower are written into the very fabric of the songs. "Carry On," "Pack My Jack" these are songs of simple, sturdy strengths, succinctly written and concisely rendered. There are never any stray notes or decorative filigrees. Friendly and inviting, “Shades” sounds good in any season and at any time of day (and may be some of the best hangover cure music around).

Side one
1.  Carry On  (2:19)  
2.  Deep Dark Dungeon  (2:08)  
3.  Wish I Had Not Said That  (3:23)  
4.  Pack My Jack  (5:12)  
5.  If You Leave Her  (2:45) 

Side two
1.  Mama Don't  (3:47)  
2.  Runaround  (2:42)  
3.  What Do You Expect  (3:25)  
4.  Love Has Been Gone  (2:16)  
5.  Cloudy Day  (5:25)

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April Wine - The Nature Of The Beast (LP)

“The Nature Of The Beast” is the ninth studio album by Canadian rock band April Wine, released in 1981. The album was recorded at Le Manoir Studios, in the village of Shipton-on-Cherwell, in Oxfordshire, England following the band's 1980 European tour. This album was April Wine's commercial peak, selling over one million copies in the US and reaching #24 on the Billboard 200 album chart.
April Wine (like any good wine) got better with age, and the Canadians' brightest moment only arrived over a decade into their career with 1981's “The Nature of the Beast”. Opener "All Over Town" lurches into action on a lopsided riff before finding its awesome groove,  a groove they seldom abandon through and to the end of the disc. All-around frontman Myles Goodwyn is in top form, leading the band through some of their most aggressive material ever ("Bad Boys," "Crash and Burn"), as well as through the band's career-defining power ballad "Just Between You and Me" (which became April Wine's most successful single).
" While "Caught in the Crossfire" and "Future Tense" suffer from some cheesy sci-fi lyrics, melodic hard rockers such as "Big City Girls," "One More Time," and their version of the Lorence Hud song "Sign of the Gypsy Queen" also became a moderate hit.

Side A
A1.  All Over Town   (3:00)
A2.  Tellin' Me Lies   (2:59)
A3.  Sign of the Gypsy Queen   (4:16)
A4.  Just Between You and Me   (3:54)
A5.  Wanna Rock   (2:06)
A6.  Caught in the Crossfire   (3:33)

Side B
B1.  Future Tense   (4:07)
B2.  Big City Girls   (3:42)
B3.  Crash and Burn   (2:31)
B4.  Bad Boys   (3:10)
B5.  One More Time   (3:55)

Release:  1981
Label:  Capitol Records
Genre:  Hard Rock
Format:  LP
Catalog#  1A 062-86296

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February 15, 2014

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The J. Geils Band - Love Stinks (1980)

Artist:  The J. Geils Band
Title:  Love Stinks
Release:  1980
Format:  LP
Label:  EMI
Catalog#  1A062-86071

“Love Stinks” is the eleventh album by American rock band The J. Geils Band, released in 1980.
The title song, “Love Stinks” is a rant against unrequited love.
Released some two years after the band's EMI debut, “Sanctuary”, the Love Stinks project would see the J. Geils Band going in an even more commercial-leaning direction than its predecessor. Taking over the main production duties, keyboard player/main songwriter Seth Justman set out to better the band's gold-plus-selling Sanctuary. And to some degree, he wildly succeeded. Although not as consistent or diverse as “Sanctuary”, “Love Stinks” would feature one of the band's most recognizable FM songs ever  the album's infectious title track "Love Stinks". In a live setting, the track would often turn into a veritable tour de force only to be outdone by Peter Wolf's hilarious rap about "Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden smoking weed together," which would introduce the song (often on a nightly basis). "Night Time" is another great, although somewhat typical "rave-on" type of J. Geils song; "No Anchovies Please" is a little strange; and closer "Till the Walls Come Tumblin' Down" is, as the song title hints, just that. Bolstered by "Just Can't Wait," another good album opener, “Love Stinks” turns out to be solid effort, but one that sounds a little outdated at times due to its acerbic, synth textures.

Side one
1.  Just Can't Wait  (3:24)
2.  Come Back  (5:11)
3.  Takin' You Down  (4:05)
4.  Night Time  (4:31)
5.  No Anchovies, Please  (2:41)

Side two
1.  Love Stinks  (3:44)
2.  Trying Not to Think About It  (6:22)
3.  Desire (Please Don't Turn Away)  (3:35)
4.  Till the Walls Come Tumblin' Down  (4:01)

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Pretenders - Pretenders (1980)

Artist:  Pretenders
Title:  Pretenders
Release:  1980
Format:  LP
Label:  Warner Bros.
Catalog#  WBN 56774

“Pretenders” is the debut studio album by the British-American new wave band The Pretenders, released on 27 December 1979. A combination of rock, punk, and pop music, this album made the band famous.  Nick Lowe produced the Pretenders' first single, "Stop Your Sobbing", but decided not to work with them again as he thought the band "wasn't going anywhere". Chris Thomas took over on the subsequent recording sessions.
Few rock & roll records rock as hard or with as much originality as the Pretenders' eponymous debut album. A sleek, stylish fusion of Stonesy rock & roll, new wave pop, and pure punk aggression, Pretenders is teeming with sharp hooks and a viciously cool attitude. Although Chrissie Hynde establishes herself as a forceful and distinctively feminine songwriter, the record isn't a singer/songwriter's tour de force -- it's a rock & roll album, powered by a unique and aggressive band. Guitarist James Honeyman-Scott never plays conventional riffs or leads, and his phased, treated guitar gives new dimension to the pounding rhythms of "Precious," "Tattooed Love Boys," "Up the Neck," and "The Wait," as well as the more measured pop of "Kid," "Brass in Pocket," and "Mystery Achievement." He provides the perfect backing for Hynde and her tough, sexy swagger. Hynde doesn't fit into any conventional female rock stereotype, and neither do her songs, alternately displaying a steely exterior or a disarming emotional vulnerability. It's a deep, rewarding record, whose primary virtue is its sheer energy. Pretenders moves faster and harder than most rock records, delivering an endless series of melodies, hooks, and infectious rhythms in its 12 songs. Few albums, let alone debuts, are ever this astonishingly addictive.
The album features the singles "Stop Your Sobbing" "Kid" and "Brass in Pocket".

Side one
1.  Precious  (3:36)
2.  The Phone Call  (2:29)
3.  Up the Neck  (4:27)
4.  Tattooed Love Boys  (2:59)
5.  Space Invader  (3:26)
6.  The Wait  (3:35)
7.  Stop Your Sobbing  (2:38)

Side two
1.  Kid  (3:06)
2.  Private Life  (6:25)
3.  Brass in Pocket  (3:04)
4.  Lovers of Today  (5:51)
5.  Mystery Achievement  (5:23)

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New Adventures - New Adventures (1980)


Artist:  New Adventures
Title:  New Adventures
Release:  1980
Format:  LP
Label:  Polydor
Catalog#  2925098
Bootsman (ex-Hot Time Band en Purcus Education), De Winter (ex-Roxette en Purcus Education) en Torpedo (ex-Upsidedown) zijn toe aan een nieuwe muzikaal avontuur en richten in 1978 New Adventures op. Het trio doet in de nazomer zijn eerste optredens in Oost-Groningen en wordt (met dank aan de tijdgeest en de bandnaam) aanvankelijk in de new wave-hoek geplaatst. De bluesrock van New Adventures doet het goed bij live optredens en de band heeft al gauw een goede reputatie. Bootsman en zijn companen touren in het voorprogramma van The Golden Earring, krijgen een deal met Polydor en gaan in december '79 met George Kooymans de studio in voor de opnamen van hun eerste eerste album.
In februari verschijnt de eerste volledige plaat van New Adventures. Eerder werden wat singles uitgebracht waarvan de Chuck Berry-hit Come On het meest succesvol is. De groep krijgt van Stichting Conamus de Zilveren Harp uitgereikt.

Side one
1.  Come On  (3:00)  
2.  Drive Me Wild  (2:52)  
3.  Spacelab Cowboy  (2:49)  
4.  You Can't Do That  (2:45)  
5.  Right To Cry  (2:57)  
6.  Bacchus Beckett  (3:18)  
7.  Money  (2:10) 
Side two
1.  Late Late Show  (3:15)  
2.  Phoney  (2:57)  
3.  Backdoor Lovers  (3:26)  
4.  If Your Mamma Don't Like It  (3:43)  
5.  Rock & Roll Woman  (2:40)  
6.  Genie Dance  (3:13)  
7.  New Adventures (All In It Togethers)  (2:30)

February 10, 2014

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The Babys - Head First (1979)

Artist:  The Babys
Title:  Head First
Release:  1979
Format:  LP
Label:  Chrysalis Records
Catalog#  511195

“Head First” is the title of the third album by The Babys.
1978 was a difficult year of transition for The Babys: The group parted ways with founding member Michael Corby during sessions for their new album, and the remaining members finished the album only to have their record company reject it in its initial form. The Babys regrouped, recorded a few new tracks to finish the album, and then headed out on tour with newly recruited members Jonathan Cain and Ricky Philips. “Head First”, the album that resulted from this tumultuous time, is energetic but a bit schizophrenic in terms of style: Lushly orchestrated songs like "White Lightning" continue on in the orchestrated AOR style of “Broken Heart” while songs like "Love Don't Prove I'm Right" return to the stripped-down rock sound that characterized The Babys. As a result, “Head First” feels more like a collection of songs than a true album. The album's sense of inconsistency is further deepened by the presence of some underwritten songs: "California" has an atmospheric sound but drifts on without a solid sense of structure, and "White Lightning" undercuts its powerful sense of dynamics with some rather silly lyrics. Just the same, the album has enough good songs to counterbalance these weaknesses: The title track balances surging bass-driven verses with a piano-laced chorus to create one of The Babys' finest rockers, and "Every Time I Think of You" is a beautifully crafted, heartfelt power ballad that gave the group its second big hit.

Side one
1.   Love Don’t Prove I’m Right   (2:47)
2.   Every Time I Think of You   (4:00)
3.   I Was One   (3:30)
4.   White Lightening   (3:20)
5.   Run To Mexico   (4:35)

Side two
1.   Head First   (3:57)
2.   You Got It   (4:39)
3.   Please Don’t Leave Me   (5:08)
4.   California   (4:00)

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Sweet D´Buster - Gigs (1979)

Artist:  Sweet D´Buster
Title:  Gigs
Release:  1979
Format:  LP
Label:  Ariola Records
Catalog#  200337

Sweet D' Buster was een Nederlandse popgroep die optrad tussen 1975 en 1981, opgericht door saxofonist Bertus Borgers.
Echte muziekliefhebbers zijn het er veelal over eens: één van de beste bands die ons land ooit gekend heeft is Sweet d’Buster. De vijfmansformatie rond zanger/saxofonist Bertus Borgers stond garant voor een (h)eerlijke mix van rock, funk, pop en soul. De weergaloze baspartijen van Herman Deinum, de innovatieve drumpatronen van Hans Lafaille, de geraffineerde toetsen van Robert-Jan Stips en de veelzijdige gitaarklanken van Paul Smeenk zorgden voor een wonderlijke combinatie van uiteenlopende muziekstijlen.  “Gigs” is hun succesvolle derde album, een live-album opgenomen in Zwolle, Arnhem en Tilburg en gemixt in Los Angeles. Het laat de unieke sound van Sweet d’Buster herleven: nostalgisch genieten van tracks als “Manja”, “Still Believe”, “Smash The Mirror” en “Hard Stone Jungle”, wordt ouderwets swingen en grooven !

Side one
1.  Money Song   (3:24)  
2.  Smash The Mirror  (4:03)  
3.  Manja  (4:40)  
4.  Going Nowhere  (5:47) 

Side two
1.  Still Believe  (4:00)  
2.  No More Cricket  (3:32)  
3.  Bread  (5:20)  
4.  Under City Lights  (3:22)

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February 05, 2014

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Manfred Mann´s Earth Band - Watch (1978)

Artist:  Manfred Mann´s Earth Band
Title: Watch
Release: 1978
Format: LP
Label: Bronze Records
Catalog# 25762

Coming off their biggest hit in years with the 1976 album “THE ROARING SILENCE” (and its monster hit single a version of Springsteen's "Blinded By the Light), Manfred Mann decided to continue in the same musical direction with their next release two years later, 1978's “WATCH”. Present again is the synthesizer-laden pop rock with a progressive edge, but noticeably absent was another overhaul of a Springsteen tune. Still, “WATCH” was a big hit in the band's native England, highlighted by the top 10 UK single "Davy's on the Road Again." Also included were such other prog-pop highlights as the album-opening one-two punch of "Circles", "Drowning on Dry Land/Fish Soup", and the newly revamped version of Bob Dylan's "Mighty Quinn."
Along with "THE ROARING SILENCE", "WATCH" remains one of Manfred Mann's strongest releases of the '70s.

Side one
1. Circles   (4:50)
2. Drowning on Dry Land/Fish Soup   (6:01)
3. Chicago Institute    (5:47)
4. California   (5:32)

Side two
1. Davy's On The Road Again   (5:55)
2. Martha's Madman   (4:52)
3. Mighty Quinn   (6:29)

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Santa Esmeralda II - The House Of The Rising Sun (1978)

Artist:  Santa Esmeralda II
Title: The House Of The Rising Sun
Release: 1978
Format: LP
Label: Philips Records
Catalog# 9120285

Santa Esmeralda is a U.S./French Disco group formed in the 1970s; perhaps best known for their hit disco remakes of the 1960s hits "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" and "House of the Rising Sun". The group featured original lead singer Leroy Gómez in 1977 & 1978, singer Jimmy Goings from 1979 until 1983, and once again original lead singer Leroy Gómez from the 1990s to this day.
After the band's first album, singer Jimmy Goings was brought in to replace Leroy Gomez. In 1977 Santa Esmeralda scored a top 20 disco hit with a dance version of another song made famous by The Animals, "The House of the Rising Sun".

Side one
1. The House Of The Rising Sun + Quasimodo Suite   (16:30) 

Side two
1. Dance You Down Tonight   (7:00)  
2. Nothing Else Matters   (6:30)  
3. Hey! Gyp!   (3:30) 

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February 04, 2014

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Andrew Lloyd Webber (London Cast) - Evita (1976)

Artist:  Andrew Lloyd Webber (London Cast)
Title: Evita
Release: 1976
Format: 2LP
Label: MCA Records
Catalog# 5C 154-98344

“Evita” is a musical with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Tim Rice. It concentrates on the life of Argentine political leader Eva Perón, the second wife of Argentine president Juan Perón. The story follows Evita's early life, rise to power, charity work, and eventual death.
The musical began as a rock opera, and the songs were released on a two-album record set which became a smash hit. The album was recorded at Olympic Studios in London from April to September 1976 and released later that year. Some of the songs made it to the top of the charts in Britain,
Elements of the original plotline on this album were removed before the show was staged in London in 1978. Rice had included details about the character of "Che" attempting to market an insecticide, most significantly in the song "The Lady's Got Potential". The track was cut from the score and a new song written to include the key plotline of Eva Perón's rise to power: "The Art of the Possible". The libretto and synopsis record "Part One" as ending after the balcony scene following "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina" and "Part Two" beginning with "High Flying, Adored". On both the original LP and subsequent compact disc releases, though, the recording is split such that the balcony scene begins the second half. This split point was retained for the London stage production.

Side one
1.  A Cinema In Bueno Aires, 26 July 1952  (1:18)
2.  Requiem For Evita / Oh What A Circus  (9:12)
3.  On This Night Of A Thousand Stars / Eva And Magaldi / Eva Beware Of The City  (7:10)
4.  Buenos Aires  (3:43)
5.  Goodnight And Thank You  (3:39)

Side two
1.  The Lady’s Got Potential  (4:38)
2.  Charity Concert / I’d Be Surprisingly Good For You  (6:10)
3.  Another Suitcase In Another Hall  (3:58)
4.  Dangerous Jade  (3:39)
5.  A New Argentina  (7:08)

Side three
1.  On The Balcony Of The Casa Rosada / Don’t Cry For Me Argentina  (9:10)
2.  High Flying, Adored  (4:26)
3.  Rainbow High  (2:31)
4.  Rainbow Tour  (5:17)
5.  The Actress Hasn’t Learned The Lines (You’d Like To Hear)  (2:33)
6.  And The Money Kept Rolling In (And Out)  (2:34)

Side four
1.  Santa Evita  (1:55)
2.  Waltz For Eva And Che  (3:42)
3.  She Is A Diamond  (2:57)
4.  Dice Are Rolling / Eva’s Sonnet  (6:10)
5.  Eva’s Final Broadcast  (3:33)
6.  Montage  (3:35)
7.  Lament  (3:58)

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February 03, 2014

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Lancee - The Bridge (1981)

Artist: Lancee
Title: The Bridge
Release: 1981
Format: LP
Label: CBS
Catalog# 84876

Ferdy Lancee begint zijn carrière als sessiegitarist. Hij doet veel studiowerk en speelt in de begeleidingsband Lotusland.
In 1979 richt hij samen met gitarist Frank Klunhaar de groep Lancee op. De muzikanten worden aangevuld met Marcel Lahaye (orgel, piano), Jos van de Dries (drums) en Pieter Korremans (bas).
Op de LP “The Bridge” uit 1981, zijn tekst en muziek beter op elkaar afgestemd. Op de plaat is te horen dat de muzikanten na de vele optredens een hecht collectief zijn geworden. “The Bridge” is echter geen commercieel succes en Lancee gaat uit elkaar.

Side one
1. Chopper Jack  (4:58)  
2. You Don't Belong Here  (3:38)  
3. I''l Always Love You  (3:49)  
4. Standing In The Middle  (2:54)  
5. Rock Love  (3:49) 

Side two
1. Tonight You're On The Radio  (5:40)  
2. Rescue Me  (4:06)  
3. The Kids Are Comin'  (6:30)  
4. Paradise  (4:38)

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Status Quo - Blue For You (1976)

Artist:  Status Quo
Title:  Blue For You
Release: 1976
Format: LP
Label: Vertigo
Catalog#  6360128

“Blue For You” is the ninth studio album by English Rock band Status Quo, released in March 1976 and is both the last album to feature the 'Frantic Four' lineup (due to Andy Bown officially joining the band as keyboardist following its release), and the last one they produced themselves, which resulted in subsequent albums having a noticeably lighter, more pop oriented sound.
"Is There a Better Way," the sleazy barroom vibe of the title track, and the six-minute closer, "Mystery Song", “Blue for You” married vintage Quo with a progressive eye that boded well for at least another few albums' worth of quality quo-tations. Elsewhere, however, "Rolling Home," "That's a Fact," and "Rain" suggested a paint-by-numbers approach that hadn't simply isolated all the ingredients that brought the band its mass appeal, it then boiled them down to the lowest common denominator as well.

Side one
1.  Is There A Better Way   (3:30)  
2.  Mad About The Boy  (3:32)  
3.  Ring Of A Change   (4:21)  
4.  Blue For You   (4:15)  
5.  Rain   (4:20) 

Side two
1.  Rolling Home  (3:05)  
2.  That's A Fact   (4:22)  
3.  Ease Your Mind  (3:30)  
4.  Mystery Song   (6:44)

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Genesis - A Trick Of The Tail (1976)

Artist:  Genesis
Title:  A Trick Of The Tail
Release: 1976
Format: LP
Label: Charisma
Catalog#  6369974

“A Trick Of The Tail” is the seventh studio album by British progressive rock band Genesis and the first to feature drummer Phil Collins as full-time lead vocalist following the departure of original vocalist Peter Gabriel. It was released in February 1976.
After Peter Gabriel departed for a solo career, Genesis embarked on a long journey to find a replacement, only to wind back around to their drummer, Phil Collins, as a replacement. With Collins as their new frontman, the band decided not to pursue the stylish, jagged postmodernism of The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway a move that Gabriel would do in his solo career and instead returned to the English eccentricity of Selling England by the Pound for its next effort, A Trick of the Tail. In almost every respect, this feels like a truer sequel to Selling England by the Pound than Lamb; after all, that double album was obsessed with modernity and nightmare, whereas this album returns the group to the fanciful fairy tale nature of its earlier records. Also, Genesis were moving away from the barbed pop of the first LP and returning to elastic numbers that showcased their instrumental prowess, and they sounded more forceful and unified as a band than they had since Foxtrot. Not that this album is quite as memorable as Foxtrot or Selling England, largely because its songs aren't as immediate or memorable: apart from "Dance on a Volcano," this is about the sound of the band playing, not individual songs, and it succeeds on that level quite wildly to the extent that it proved to longtime fans that Genesis could possibly thrive without its former leader in tow.

Side one
1.  Dance On A Volcano   (5:54)
2.  Entangled   (6:26) 
3.  Squonk  (6:29) 
4.  Mad Man Moon  (7:35)

Side two
1.  Robbery, Assault And Battery   (6:16)    
2.  Ripples  (8:06)  
3.  A Trick Of The Tail  (4:34)   
4.  Los Endos    (5:46)

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Supertramp - Crime Of The Century (1974)


Artist:  Supertramp
Title:  Crime Of The Century
Release: 1974
Format: LP
Label: A&M Records
Catalog#  88122 IT

“Crime of the Century” is the third album by English rock band Supertramp, released in 1974, and was their commercial breakthrough on both sides of the Atlantic, aided by the UK hit "Dreamer" and the U.S. hit "Bloody Well Right".
After the failure of their first two albums and an unsuccessful tour, the band broke up, and Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson recruited new members, drummer Bob C. Benberg, woodwinds player John Helliwell, and bassist Dougie Thomson. This new line-up were sent by their record label, A&M, to a seventeenth-century farm in Somerset in order to rehearse together and prepare the album.
The album was recorded at a number of studios including Ramport Studios (owned by The Who) and Trident Studios with co-producer Ken Scott. While recording the album, Davies and Hodgson recorded approximately 42 demo songs, from which only 8 were chosen to appear on the album. Several other tracks appeared on later albums (“Crisis? What Crisis?”, “Famous Last Words”).
The album was named after the final song, "Crime of the Century", which the band members felt was the strongest song on the album. Hodgson and Davies both stated that communication within the group was at a peak during the recording of this album, while drummer Siebenberg stated that he thought it was this album on which the band hit its "artistic peak".
Crime of the Century deals loosely with themes of loneliness and mental stability, but is not a concept album. Davies consciously linked the opening track "School" to "Bloody Well Right" with the line "So you think your schooling is phoney", and according to Hodgson, any unifying thread beyond that was left to the listener's imagination. The sound of the train in "Rudy" was recorded at Paddington station, while the crowd noises in the song were taken from Leicester Square.

Side one
1. School (5:35)
2. Bloody Well Right (4:32)
3. Hide in Your Shell (6:49)
4. Asylum 6:45

Side two
1. Dreamer (3:31)
2. Rudy (7:17)
3. If Everyone Was Listening (4:04)
4. Crime of the Century (5:32)

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