February 10, 2014

Rush - Permanent Waves (1980)

Artist: Rush
Title: Permanent Waves
Release: 1980
Format: LP
Label: Mercury Records
Catalog# 9111065

“Permanent Waves” is the seventh studio album by Canadian rock band Rush, released on January 1, 1980. It was recorded at Le Studio, Morin Heights, Quebec, and mixed at Trident Studios in London, UK. "The Spirit of Radio" featured the band's early experiments with a reggae style, which was explored further on the albums “Moving Pictures” and “Signals”. A notable track on “Permanent Waves” is "Jacob's Ladder", a song style reminiscent of their earlier heavy progressive rock period. Exploring odd time signatures, the song possesses a dark, ominous feel. The song's lyrics are based on a simple concept; a vision of sunlight breaking through storm clouds. The title is a reference to the natural phenomenon of the sun breaking through the clouds in visible rays, which in turn is named after the Biblical ladder to heaven on which Jacob saw angels ascending and descending in a vision.
"Entre Nous" ("Between Us") is similar in style to "Freewill", and it did not receive heavy radio airplay. "Natural Science" does clock in at over nine minutes and is composed of three distinct movements. The lyrics are driven by concepts of natural science. It was featured, with a different arrangement, on every tour from 1996 to 2002.

Side one
1. The Spirit of Radio  (4:57)
2. Freewill  (5:24)
3. Jacob's Ladder  (7:26)

Side two
1. Entre Nous  (4:36)
2. Different Strings  (3:48)
3. Natural Science  (9:17)
    I: "Tide Pools  (2:21)
    II: "Hyperspace  (2:47)
    III: "Permanent Waves  (4:08)
available at: http://www.ad-vinylrecords.com

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