May 30, 2015

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New Order - Power, Corruption & Lies (1983)

Artist:  New Order
Title:  Power, Corruption & Lies
Release:  1983
Format:  LP
Label:  Factory Records
Catalog#  FACT 75

“Power, Corruption & Lies” is the second studio album by the English rock band New Order, released in May 1983 on Factory Records. The album features more electronic-based tracks than their previous album Movement, with heavier use of synthesizers.
A great leap forward from their funereal debut album, Power, Corruption & Lies cemented New Order's place as the most exciting dance-rock hybrid in music (and it didn't even include the massive "Blue Monday" single, released earlier that year). Confident and invigorating where Movement had sounded disconsolate and lost, the record simply pops with energy from the beginning "Age of Consent," an alternative pop song with only a smattering of synthesizers overlaying an assured Bernard Sumner, who took his best vocal turn yet. Unlike the hordes of synth pop acts then active, New Order experimented heavily with their synthesizers and sequencers. What's more, while most synth pop acts kept an eye on the charts when writing and recording, if New Order were looking anywhere (aside from within), it was the clubs "The Village" and "586" had most of the technological firepower of the mighty "Blue Monday." But whenever the electronics threatened to take over, Peter Hook's grubby basslines, Bernard Sumner's plaintive vocals, and Stephen Morris' point-perfect drum fills reintroduced the human element. Granted, they still had the will for moodiness; the second track was "We All Stand," over five minutes of dubbed-out melancholia. Aside from all the bright dance music and production on display, “Power, Corruption & Lies” also portrayed New Order's growing penchant for beauty: "Your Silent Face" is a sublime piece of electronic balladry.

Side one
1. Age of Consent  (5:16)
2. We All Stand  (5:14)
3. The Village  (4:37)
4. 586  (7:31)

Side two
1. Your Silent Face  (6:00)
2. Ultraviolence  (4:52)
3. Ecstasy  (4:25)
4. Leave Me Alone  (4:40)

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The Clash - Combat Rock (1982)

Artist:  The Clash
Title:  Combat Rock
Release:  1982
Format:  LP
Label:  CBS Records
Catalog#  CBS 85570

“Combat Rock” is the fifth studio album by the English punk rock band the Clash. It was released on 14 May 1982 through CBS Records. “Combat Rock” is the group's best-selling album, being certified 2x platinum in the United States. It was the last album featuring Mick Jones and Topper Headon.
“Combat Rock” was originally planned as a double album with the working title “Rat Patrol from Fort Bragg”, but the idea was scrapped after internal wrangling within the group. Mick Jones had mixed the first version, but the other members were dissatisfied and mixing/producing duties were handed to Glyn Johns, at which point the album became a single LP. The original mixes were later bootlegged.

Side one
1.  Know Your Rights  (3:40)  
2.  Car Jamming  (3:58)  
3.  Should I Stay Or Should I Go  (3:06)  
4.  Rock The Casbah  (3:42)  
5.  Red Angel Dragnet  (3:46)  
6.  Straight To Hell  (5:26) 

Side two
1.  Overpowered By Funk  (feat. Futura 2000)  (4:52)  
2.  Atom Tan  (2:27)  
3.  Sean Flynn  (4:30)  
4.  Ghetto Defendant  (4:43)  
5.  Inoculated City  (2:40)  
6.  Death Is A Star  (3:08)

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Billy Squier - Don´t Say No (1981)

Artist:  Billy Squier
Title:  Don´t Say No
Release:  1981
Format:  LP
Label:  Capitol Records
Catalog#  1C 064-400002

“Don't Say No” is the second album by Billy Squier, released on April 13, 1981. It stands as Squier's biggest career album, including the classic hits "In the Dark", "Lonely Is the Night", "My Kinda Lover" and "The Stroke".
All of which become staples at rock radio. The album is a near-perfect example of early-'80s melodic hard rock, and even less enduring (but hardly inferior rockers) such as "You Know What I Like" and "Lonely Is the Night" keep up the intensity. And Squier also finds time for the occasional ballad, like the disarmingly gentle "Nobody Knows."

Side one
1. In the Dark   (4:09)
2. The Stroke   (3:38)
3. My Kinda Lover   (3:32)
4. You Know What I Like   (2:56)
5. Too Daze Gone   (4:05)

Side two
1. Lonely Is the Night   (4:42)
2. Whadda You Want from Me   (3:43)
3. Nobody Knows   (4:20)
4. I Need You   (3:52)
5. Don't Say No   (3:20)

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Junior - JI (1982)

Artist:  Junior
Title:  JI
Release:  1982
Format:  LP
Label:  Mercury Records
Catalog#  6359103

London-born Junior Giscombe started his musical career working with popular British black music band Linx between 1980-1982. A one-off 1980 single enjoyed some popularity in clubs in the UK and France, prompting then Phonogram A&R executive Roger Ames to track him down, resulting in a contract with the company in the UK and releases on Mercury Records.
Of the first two tracks he recorded for the label, Ames picked “Mama Used To Say” and within months, Junior had landed a Top 30 hit single in the U.S., becoming the first British black music artist to appear on the popular American TV show, Soul Train and essentially the first such artist to achieve a major chart breakthrough in the U.S. Now a classic anthem, “Mama Used To Say” was also a Top 10 UK hit and prompted Junior to complete his first album, “Ji” .
With members of Linx among the musicians playing on the album, “Ji” (named after the Chinese year of the rooster ) included a second hit single, Too Late, another Top 20 pop single in the U.K.

Side one
1.  Mama Used To Say   (6:43)  
2.  Love Dies   (4:29)  
3.  Too Late   (4:53)  
4.  Is This Love   (4:34) 

Side two
1.  Let Me Know   (5:49)  
2.  Down Down   (4:45)  
3.  I Can't Help It   (4:28)  
4.  Darling You (Don't You Know)   (5:36)

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The Art Of Noise - In Visible Silence (1986)

Artist:  The Art Of Noise
Title:  In Visible Silence
Release:  1986
Format:  LP
Label:  Chrysalis Records
Catalog# 207691

“In Visible Silence” is the second full-length release by avant-garde pop group Art of Noise in April 1986, and the first created by members Anne Dudley, J. J. Jeczalik and Gary Langan in the wake of their departure from the ZTT record label which had been the home of the group's genesis.
The first single, "Legs", was followed by two major hits on the UK chart in 1986: "Peter Gunn", that featured guitar legend Duane Eddy; and "Paranoimia" with television personality Max Headroom, where actor Matt Frewer performed two different monologues for each of the 7" and 12" versions.

Side one
1.  Opus 4  (1:59)  
2.  Paranoimia  (4:46)  
3.  Eye Of A Needle  (4:25)  
4.  Legs  (4:06)  
5.  Slip Of The Tongue  (1:30)  
6.  Backbeat  (4:12) 

Side two
1.  Instruments Of Darkness  (7:12)  
2.  Peter Gunn  (3:55)  
3.  Camilla - The Old, Old Story  (7:23)  
4.  The Chameleon's Dish  (4:27)  
5.  Beatback  (1:19)

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Sandra Reemer - Trust In Me (1976)

Artist:  Sandra Reemer
Title:  Trust In Me
Release:  1976
Format:  LP
Label:  Philips Records
Catalog# 6413086

Barbara Alexandra Reemer (Bandoeng, 17-10-1950) treedt als twaalfjarig kindsterretje op met haar tienjarige broer Franky, die gitaar speelt. Sandra maakt een tiental singles in deze periode. In 1968 vormt Sandra Reemer met Dries Holten Sandra & Andres. Tot 1975 heeft het duo maar liefst 13 top 40-hits. Sandra en Andres gaan in november 1975 uit elkaar.
De solocarrière van Sandra, nu voluit als Sandra Reemer, krijgt een impuls door de hernieuwde deelname aan het Eurovisie Song Festival. “The Party Is Over” van wederom Hans van Hemert behaalt slechts een negende plaats, maar is wel een top 3-hit in Nederland.
Van haar solo debut album “Trust In Me” uit 1976, kwamen de volgende singles: “The Party Is Over”, “Trust In Me”, “Love Me, Honey”.

Side one
1.  Trust In Me (4:25)  
2.  From The Inside (3:24)  
3.  No Foolin' Around (4:55)  
4.  Love Me, Honey (3:27)  
5.  Old Fashioned Love (3:44)  
6.  Mrs. Lonely (3:00) 

Side two
1.  The Party's Over (3:00)  
2.  Where Did We Go Wrong (4:46)  
3.  My Poor Friend (3:46)  
4.  Killing Me Softly With His Song (5:12)  
5.  Porqué Tu Quieres (2:51)  
6.  Sweet Misery (4:22)

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Art Garfunkel - Fate For Breakfast (1979)

Artist:  Art Garfunkel
Title:  Fate For Breakfast
Release:  1979
Format:  LP
Label:  CBS Records
Catalog#  86090

“Fate for Breakfast” is the fourth solo album by Art Garfunkel released in March 1979 on Columbia Records. The European release of the album does include a different version of the song "Bright Eyes", which was featured in the film version of the novel “Watership Down”, and reached the number-one spot in the UK, and became the biggest selling single of 1979 there.

Side one
1.  In a Little While (I'll Be on My Way) (3:27)
2.  Since I Don't Have You (3:39)
3.  And I Know (3:40)
4.  Sail on a Rainbow  (3:45)
5.  Miss You Nights (3:47)

Side two
1.  Bright Eyes"  (4:00)
2.  Finally Found a Reason (2:41)
3.  Beyond the Tears (3:53)
4.  Oh How Happy (2:41)
5.  When Someone Doesn't Want You (3:34)
6.  Take Me Away (4:04)

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Grover Washington Jr. - Winelight (1980)

Artist:  Grover Washington Jr.
Title:  Winelight
Release:  1980
Format:  LP
Label:  Elektra Records
Catalog# ELK 52262

“Winelight” is a 1980 album by jazz musician Grover Washington, Jr. It received the Grammy Award for Best Jazz Fusion Performance in 1982. The album was released by Elektra Records. Grover Washington, Jr., has long been one of the leaders in what could be called rhythm & jazz, essentially R&B-influenced jazz. Winelight is one of his finest albums.
It includes the Grammy Award-winning hit "Just the Two of Us" sung by Bill Withers. The track "In the Name of Love" from the album was also released in rearranged form, without Washington's saxophone track, under the name of Ralph MacDonald and Bill Withers (on vocals).
A memorable set of high-quality and danceable soul-jazz.

Side one
1. Winelight  (7:32)  
2. Let It Flow (For Dr. J)  (5:52)  
3. In The Name Of Love  (5:26) 

Side two
1. Take Me There  (6:16)  
2. Just The Two Of Us  (7:23)  
3. Make Me A Memory (Sad Samba)  (6:32)

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The Human League - Hysteria (1984)

Artist:  The Human League
Title:  Hysteria
Release:  1984
Format:  LP
Label:  Virgin Records
Catalog# 206307

“Hysteria” is the fourth studio album by the British synthpop band The Human League, released on 8 May 1984. Following the worldwide success of their 1981 album “Dare”, the band struggled to make a successful follow-up and the sessions for “Hysteria” were fraught with problems. The album name itself is taken from the problematic recording period. Producers Martin Rushent and Chris Thomas both left the project which would eventually be finished by producer Hugh Padgham.
“Hysteria” is mediocre and easily the least of the group's albums to that point. Conscious not to repeat themselves and unable to do it without sacrificing their personality, most of the changes sound forced and fussily mulled over. It was one thing to get political and introduce some uncharacteristic guitar lines on "The Lebanon" (alienating your fanbase should always be encouraged, especially when it's done with a single that looks atrocious on paper but sounds fantastic), but "Rock Me Again" is the kind of thing the group once worked against, with Philip Oakey adopting an awkward, straining rock voice.
The melodies are often flat, the arrangements are frequently bloodless. With only a couple exceptions, “Hysteria” sounds exactly like an album made under extreme post-platinum pressure.

Side one
1.  I'm Coming Back  (4:11)  
2.  I Love You Too Much  (3:26)  
3.  Rock Me Again & Again & Again & Again & Again & Again (Six Times)  (3:31)  
4.  Louise  (4:57)  
5.  The Lebanon  (5:04) 

Side two
1.  Betrayed  (4:06)  
2.  The Sign (3:48)  
3.  So Hurt  (3:52)  
4.  Life On Your Own  (4:07)  
5.  Don't You Know I Want You  (3:10)

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Steve Arrington - Dancin´ In The Key Of Life (1985)

Artist:  Steve Arrington
Title:  Dancin´ In The Key Of Life
Release: 1985
Format:  LP
Label:  Atlantic Records
Catalog# 781245-1

“Dancin' in the Key of Life” is the debut solo album from American R&B/soul singer Steve Arrington.
Arrington played in various local bands before joining and touring with The Murphy's, a lounge band out of Toledo, Ohio, in 1975. About a year later Arrington relocated from Ohio to San Francisco, California where he learned Latin percussion and drumming as well as playing with Coke Escovedo and Pete Escovedo and Sheila E.
He joined the funk group Slave, founded in 1975. Arrington left Slave in 1982, forming Steve Arrington's Hall of Fame
His most successful album was his 1985 solo work “Dancin' in the Key of Life”, whose title track became a Top Ten R&B hit. Another single from the album, "Feel So Real" reached also the charts.

Side one
1.  Feel So Real  (5:08)  
2.  Dancin' In The Key Of Life  (4:55)  
3.  She Just Don't Know  (5:16)  
4.  Willie Mae  (6:00) 

Side two
1.  Gasoline  (6:09)  
2.  Stand With Me  (4:43)  
3.  Brown Baby Boy  (4:50)  
4.  Turn Up Love  (4:34) 

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May 26, 2015

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Massada - Astaganaga (1978)

Artist:  Massada
Title:  Astaganaga
Release:  1978
Format:  LP
Label:  Kendari Records
Catalog#  KIL 21006 KL

In de jaren zeventig zeer populaire Molukse groep, die voortborduurt op de succesvolle latin-sound van Carlos Santana en deze voorziet van een smakelijk oosters tintje.
Massada wordt opgericht. De groep ontleent haar naam aan een berg in Israel. De band bestaat dan uit Johnny en Eppy Manahutu, Zeth Mustamu (percussie), Chris Latul (gitaar) en Usje Sabander (bas). Al snel worden Nino Latuny (gitaar) en Frans Eschauzier (toetsen) aan de groep toegevoegd.
In 1978 verscheen het langverwachte debuutalbum “Astaganaga” met de hitsingles “Dansa” en “Latin Dance”. Het gebruik van Latijns-Amerikaanse ritmes en percussie-instrumenten leverde vergelijkingen op met Santana.

Side one
1.  Latin Dance  (3:17)  
2.  Sibu-Sibu  (7:54)  
3.  Sageru  (3:28)  
4.  Nanana Song  (7:00) 

Side two
1.  Beautiful Berimbau / Sleep My Love  (9:31)  
2.  Dansa (Don't Quit Dancing)  (3:04)  
3.  Nena  (8:35)

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Quincy Jones - The Dude (1981)

Artist:  Quincy Jones
Title:  The Dude
Release:  1981
Format:  LP
Label:  A&M Records
Catalog#  AMLH 63721

“The Dude” is a 1981 studio album by American musician and producer Quincy Jones. The album featured the debut of vocalist James Ingram on the singles "Just Once" and "One Hundred Ways". It also contained "Razzamatazz". He won the Grammy award for best R&B vocal performance for his work on the album. Belgian harmonica player and puccaloist Toots Thielemans also contributed to the album, appearing on the instrumental track "Velas".
The album won three Grammy Awards, one for Best Instrumental Arrangement, Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal and Best Instrumental Arrangement (Accompanying Vocalists) and also earned Ingram three Grammy nominations for Best New Artist, Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for "Just Once" and Best Male R&B Vocal Performance for "One Hundred Ways", for which he won at the 24th Grammy Awards in 1982.
The album also gained heavy dance airplay for the songs "Ai No Corrida" (a cover of Chaz Jankel's song) and "Razzamatazz" (vocals by Patti Austin).
The single Just Once was featured in the 1982 film The Last American Virgin.

Side one
1.  Ai No Corrida  (6:18)  
2.  The Dude  (5:35)  
3.  Just Once  (4:32)  
4.  Betcha' Wouldn't Hurt Me  (3:33) 

Side two
1.  Somethin' Special  (4:03)  
2.  Razzamatazz  (4:20)  
3.  One Hundred Ways  (4:19)  
4.  Velas  (4:05)  
5.  Turn On The Action  (4:17)

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Gary U.S. Bonds - Dedication (1981)

Artist:  Gary U.S. Bonds
Title:  Dedication
Release:  1981
Format:  LP
Label:  EMI Records
Catalog#  1A 062-400007

“Dedication” is an album released by Gary U.S. Bonds in 1981, which he collaborated with Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band. The musicians accompanying Bonds on the album include many members of the E Street Band and the Asbury Jukes. The album includes three songs written by Bruce Springsteen, one written by Steve Van Zandt, and several covers of songs from the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne, and others. It also features a duet between Bonds and Springsteen on the track "Jole Blon". Bonds' early 1960s sound had been a major influence on both Springsteen and Van Zandt. The songs written by Springsteen, including the cover of "Jole Blon", were originally intended for his 1980 album, “The River”, but he felt they fitted better with Bonds and his versions of them have never been released although he has performed most of them live, often featuring Bonds as a special guest.
The album produced several singles. The Springsteen-penned "This Little Girl" was a major success, as well as the Cajun traditional "Jole Blon". The album itself reached #27 on the pop album chart.

Side one
1.  Jole Blon  (3:25)  
2.  This Little Girl  (3:42)  
3.  Your Love  (3:26)  
4.  Dedication  (3:11)  
5.  Daddy's Come Home  (6:22) 

Side two
1.  It's Only Love  (3:03)  
2.  The Pretender  (6:12)  
3.  Way Back When  (4:03)  
4.  From A Buick 6  (4:24)  
5.  Just Like A Child  (3:40)

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Mike Oldfield - Ommadawn (1975) - €10,00

Side A
A1.  Ommadawn, Part one  (19:23)

Side B
B1.  Ommadawn, Part two (17:17)

Release:  1975
Format:  LP
Genre:  Progressive Folk
Label:  Virgin Records
Catalog#  V 2043

Vinyl:  Goed
Cover:  Lichte Gebruikerssporen

Prijs:  €10,00

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Change - Turn On Your Radio (1985)

Artist:  Change
Title:  Turn On Your Radio
Release:  1985
Format:  LP
Label:  CNR Records
Catalog# 634015

Change was initially formed in 1979 as a studio-band with a revolving cast of musicians, led by businessman and executive producer Jacques Fred Petrus, with the majority of song-writing and production carried out by Mauro Malavasi and Davide Romani. The band’s dual Italian and American identity was a result of a production system, in which the music, excepting the vocals, were written and recorded by Italian collaborators in studios such as Fontoprint Studios, Bologna, Italy.
“Turn on Your Radio” is the sixth and final studio album. It was released in 1985 and reached number sixty-four on the US Billboard Black Albums chart. It includes the singles "Let's Go Together", "Examination" (in Italy only), "Oh What A Feeling" and "Mutual Attraction".
The band recorded the songs for album at Morning Studios, Milan, Italy. The sessions were then taken to Atlantic Recording Studios, New York City to be mixed. Receiving negative reviews the album was originally released as an LP in April 1985. The album was released with two different artwork designs. The UK version released on Cooltempo Records was designed by Greg Porto and the photography was by Robert Lewis.

Side one
1.  Turn On Your Radio  (5:15)  
2.  Let's Go Together  (6:06)  
3.  Examination  (5:34)  
4.  You'll Always Be A Part Of Me  (5:25) 

Side two
1.  Oh What A Feeling  (5:42)  
2.  Mutual Attraction  (6:00)  
3.  Love The Way You Love Me  (5:39)  
4.  If You Want My Love  (5:24)

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May 17, 2015

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Stevie Wonder - Original Musiquarium I (1982)

Artist:  Stevie Wonder
Title:  Original Musiquarium I
Release:  1982
Format:  2LP
Label:  Motown Records
Catalog#  428009

Stevie Wonder’s “Original Musiquarium I” is a compilation album by R&B/soul musician Stevie Wonder, released as Tamla 6002 in 1982, taken from Wonder’s “classic period” running from 1972 to 1980.
It also add a few album tracks to hint at the depth of his albums, as well as four new songs (one for each side). Though there could be some dispute about the album tracks, this does wind up as an excellent overview of Wonder’s period of greatest activity, and it’s a terrific listen to boot any record that sports such hits as “Superstition,” “You Haven’t Done Nothin’,” “Living for the City,” “You Are the Sunshine of My Life,” “Higher Ground,” “Sir Duke,” “Boogie on Reggae Woman,” and “I Wish” is guaranteed to be a great listen, and it is. Wonder remains a quintessential album artist, but this record is a terrific snapshot of the highlights.

Side one
1.  Superstition  (4:25)
2.  You Haven’t Done Nothin’  (3:29)
3.  Living For The City  (7:26)
4.  Front Line  (5:56)

Side two
1.  Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You)  (7:27)
2.  Send One Your Love  (4:02)
3.  You Are The Sunshine Of My Life  (2:51)
4.  Ribbon In The Sky  (5:35)

Side three
1.  Higher Ground  (3:46)
2.  Sir Duke  (3:52)
3.  Master Blaster (Jammin’)  (5:08)
4.  Boogie On Reggae Woman  (4:55)
5.  That Girl  (5:15)

Side four
1.  I Wish  (4:12)
2.  Isn’t She Lovely  (6:32)
3.  Do I Do  (10:27)

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John Miles - Rebel (1976)

Artist:  John Miles
Title:  Rebel
Release:  1976
Format:  LP
Label:  Decca Records
Catalog#  6376119

“Rebel” was the first solo album of John Miles. It was his most successful album to date with singles ‘Highfly’ and ‘Music’.
When Miles eventually signed to Decca, they introduced him to producer Alan Parsons in the summer of 1975 (Miles would later sing on several tracks on several albums of his the Alan Parsons Project). The first song they recorded was the song ‘Highfly’ and it was released as a single
The song “Music” was released, became an instant hit, and is one of his most memorable songs. ‘Music’ was according to Miles written in half an hour and was originally meant to be a basis for other songs, but because of its distinctive character, it was developed as a complete song. The album title was based on the album cover on which he posed with a big gun on his shoulders reminding very much of James Dean who is considered a rebel.

Side one
1.  Music  (5:58)
2.  Everybody Wants Some More  (3:38)
3.  High Fly  (3:53)
4.  You Have it All  (7:01)

Side two
1.  Rebel  (3:19)
2.  When You Lose Someone So Young  (4:35)
3.  Lady of My Life  (4:08)
4.  Pull the Damn Thing Down  (7:18)
5.  Music (reprise)  (2:11)

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Janice Marie Johnson - One Taste Of Honey (1984)

Artist:  Janice Marie Johnson
Title:  One Taste Of Honey
Release:  1984
Format:  LP
Label:  Capitol Records
Catalog#  1A 064-2401641

After A Taste of Honey’s breakup in the early ’80s, lead singer Janice Marie Johnson decided to pursue a solo career. She didn’t get very far as a solo artist in the 1980s, which is regrettable because her first solo project, “One Taste of Honey”, is generally excellent. Those who expected this LP be a carbon copy of Honey’s soul/disco were in for a major surprise — determined to move forward, Johnson often favors a harder style of urban contemporary/funk with a slight rock edge. The singer/bassist maintains some of the sweetness she was known for, but her solo material is definitely more hard-edged than anything she did with Honey. In fact, Johnson really tears it up on uptempo gems like “Last Chance Romeo,” “Beverly Hills,” and “Baby Sister.” The Asian-tinged ballad “Love Me Tonight” (which was released as a single and became a minor hit) recalls Honey’s famous remake of Japanese singer Kyu Sakamoto’s 1963 hit “Sukiyaki,” but for the most part, “One Taste of Honey” is the work of an artist who was refusing to live in the past.

Side one
1.  Who’s It Gonna Be?  (4:19)
2.  Baby Sister  (3:54)
3.  Last Chance Romeo  (3:20)
4.  Beverly Hills  (3:50)
5.  She’s So Popular  (4:30)

Side two
1.  Back With My Boogie  (4:13)
2.  Love Me Tonite  (3:20)
3.  Givin’ It Up  (4:09)
4.  Catch 22  (3:19)
5.  I’ll Be There  (3:49)

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Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band - Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band (1976)

Artist:  Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band
Title:  Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band
Release:  1976
Format:  LP
Label:  RCA Records
Catalog#  APL1 1504

Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band was a big band and swing influenced disco band, formed in the Bronx, New York. They are best known for their #1 US dance hit, “Cherchez La Femme/C’est si bon”, from their self-titled debut album.
The album peaked at #22 on the Billboard albums chart. The lead vocals were provided by Cory Daye.
The band was conceived by half-brothers Stony Browder and Thomas “August Darnell” Browder, with the former writing music and the latter writing lyrics. They started the band in 1974 with singer Cory Daye, drummer Mickey Sevilla, and percussionist Andy Hernandez (Coati Mundi). The band released three albums between 1976 and 1979. Its music blended disco beats with rhythms from genres including calypso, rumba, cha-cha-chá, and compas. The Browders, who were both multiracial, wrote songs embracing multiculturalism over instead of stories about tragic mulattos. They were frequent performers at Studio 54. Darnell and Hernandez went on to form Kid Creole and the Coconuts and Elbow Bones and the Racketeers. Daye also pursued a successful solo career.
Their 1976 song, “Sunshower”, has been sampled by a number of artists.

Side one
1.  I’ll Play The Fool  (4:47)
2.  Hard Times  (4:12)
3.  Whispering / Cherchez La Femme / Se Si Bon  (5:44)
4.  Sunshower  (4:04)

Side two
1.  We Got It Made  (3:46)
2.  You Got Somethin’ / Betcha’ The Love Bug Bitcha’  (5:40)
3.  Sour And Sweet / Lemon In The Honey  (6:03)

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Atlantic Starr - As The Band Turns (1985)

Artist:  Atlantic Starr
Title:  As The Band Turns
Release:  1985
Format:  LP
Label:  A&M Records
Catalog#  395019-1

Atlantic Starr really came up in 1985 with their last release from A&M Records entitled “As The Band Turns” featurin the Lewis Bros. with special guest Barbara Weathers, who took the replacement of Sharon Bryant.
“As The Band Turns” is an album with more spunk other than the past four albums released, its album cover is created with designs and artistic painting, the photos of each member turned, and the group’s name in different colors, paper cut-outs, crayons, and waterpaints.
On July 1985, I remember hearing “Silver Shadow” on the radio, coming home from Century Plaza and then I herad it again as soon as me and my mother were going to our grandmother’s house to spend the night, I thought the song was an excellent tune with the drums intro, the sparkling music, then the heavy drum, good beat and music, Barbara working the vocals really well along with David’s background vocals and Paulinho’s percussions. The freaky-robotic sound of Freak-A-Ristic, talks about a female that turns on Wayne. The fourth single “Secret Lovers” talks about being in love with someone that you really can’t trust so much that it just breaks your so bad.
“Cool,Calm, Collected” with a funky tune and drum beats and David singing ’bout a girl who was stalking him like a cat and gets a crush and also appers to be one of my faves, to the smooth, big husky, slow ballad of “If Your Heart Isn’t In It”, oh my gosh what a hit, the sweet humble vocals of Barbara Weathers & Wayne Lewis is so sultry that it makes you just wanna slow drag on the floor at your prom, wedding, or club or even if you’re in a screwie relationship with your girl or boy this is a song that will get your mind straight and keep it real.

Side one
1.  Freak-A-Ristic  (4:05)
2.  Cool, Calm, Collected  (4:04)
3.  One Love  (3:52)
4.  In the Heat of Passion  (4:38)
5.  If Your Heart Isn’t in It  (4:02)

Side two
1.  Silver Shadow  (4:53)
2.  Let’s Start It Over  (5:33)
3.  Secret Lovers  (5:30)
4.  Thank You  (4:29)

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Camel - Moonmadness (1976)

Artist:  Camel
Title:  Moon Madness
Release:  1976
Format:  LP
Label:  Decca Records
Catalog#  6376118

“Moonmadness” is an album released in March 1976 by English progressive rock band Camel. It was their 4th album and the last to feature the original line-up (Latimer, Bardens, Ferguson, Ward). After the success of the tightly structured, instrumental “The Snow Goose” in 1975, the band added vocals to their music again.
Moonmadness is more akin to traditional English progressive rock, even though it does occasionally dip into jazz-fusion territory with syncopated rhythms and shimmering keyboards
The album has an overall theme, just as their previous one did, but doesn’t follow a storyline since it’s mostly based on the band members themselves. Overall, the tracks comprising the album were conceived as a loose concept based on the individual personalities that made up Camel; “Air Born” about Andrew Latimer, “Lunar Sea” about Andy Ward, “Chord Change” about Peter Bardens and “Another Night” about Doug Ferguson.

Side one
1.  Aristillus  (1:56)
2.  Song Within a Song  (7:16)
3.  Chord Change  (6:45)
4.  Spirit of the Water  (2:07)

Side two
1.  Another Night  (6:58)
2.  Air Born  (5:02)
3.  Lunar Sea  (9:11)

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Fischer Z - Going Deaf For A Living (1980)

Artist:  Fischer Z
Title:  Going Deaf For A Living
Release:  1980
Format:  LP
Label:  United Artists
Catalog#  1A 062-82867

“Going Deaf For A Living” is a 1980 album by Fischer-Z. This was the second album by Fischer-Z featuring the “classic line-up”. The guitar on this album was made more prominent, after their rather keyboard prominent debut.
Moving away from their prog leanings and embracing bits of reggae, Fischer Z had become a cohesive pop band capable of anything. Their hit single “So Long” had one of Watts’ most heartfelt vocals, while the playful (and slightly irritating) “Limbo” proved that he wasn’t always entirely serious. The band bounced off the walls on tracks like “Four Minutes In Durham (With You)” and “No Right,” yet they remained perfectly in control. The album’s title track remains one of Watts’ most brilliant songs, catchier than a pitcher’s glove (and “So Long” wasn’t too bad either!). With hardly a bad song in the bunch, this is still one of Fischer Z’s most popular albums.
The album featured the singles “Room Service”, “Crazy Girl”, “Limbo” and the most popular “So Long”.

Side one
1.  Room Service  (3:41
2.  So Long  (4:59)
3.  Crazy Girl  (4:26)
4.  No Right  (2:36)
5.  Going Deaf For A Living  (3:31)

Side two
1.  Pick Up/Slip Up  (2:37)
2.  Crank (3:06)
3.  Haters  (4:07)
4.  Four Minutes in Durham (With You)  (4:00)
5.  Limbo  (2:14)

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The Beatles - 1967-1970 (The Blue Album) (1973)

Artist:  The Beatles
Title:  1967-1970 (The Blue Album)
Release:  1973
Format:  2LP
Label:  Apple Records
Catalog#  5C 184-05309

1967-1970 (widely known as "The Blue Album") is a compilation of songs by the English rock band The Beatles, spanning the years indicated in the title. It was released with 1962–1966 ("The Red Album"), in 1973.
The album was compiled by Beatles manager Allen Klein.
Picking up where 1962-1966 left off, the double-album compilation 1967-1970, commonly called The Blue Album, covers the Beatles' later records, from Sgt. Pepper's through Let It Be. Like The Red Album, The Blue Album was released in the wake of a pair of widely advertised quadruple-LP bootlegs, Alpha Omega, Vols. 1-2: The Story of the Beatles, which had appeared early in 1973. And like its companion volume, this set contains a mixture of hits, including singles like "Lady Madonna," "Hey Jude," and "Revolution"  which had originally appeared only as 45s plus important album tracks like "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," "A Day in the Life," "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," and "Come Together," as well as orphaned tracks such as the single versions of "Let It Be" and "Get Back," which had never been on any LP before. The first two sides of the original double-LP edition carry listeners through the highlights of the psychedelic era, starting with "Strawberry Fields Forever" and "Penny Lane" and up through "Magical Mystery Tour," before returning to rock & roll territory on "Lady Madonna," "Hey Jude," and "Revolution." The second LP skims three of the more popular tracks off of the sprawling White Album (aka The Beatles) and moves into the late singles ("The Ballad of John and Yoko," "Old Brown Shoe," "Let It Be"), plus single and album highlights from Abbey Road and Let It Be. As a précis of the group's final 36 months, it's all mightily impressive, even if 1967-1970 misses several great songs. But like its predecessor, this set does capture the essence (if not the full range) of the Beatles' later recordings.

Side one
1.  Strawberry Fields Forever   (4:10)
2.  Penny Lane   (3:03)
3.  Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band   (2:02)
4.  With a Little Help from My Friends   (2:44)
5.  Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds   (3:28)
6.  A Day in the Life   (5:06)
7.  All You Need Is Love   (3:48)

Side two
1.  I Am the Walrus   (4:37)
2.  Hello, Goodbye   (3:31)
3.  The Fool on the Hill   (3:00)
4.  Magical Mystery Tour   (2:51)
5.  Lady Madonna   (2:17)
6.  Hey Jude   (7:08)
7.  Revolution   (3:21)

Side three
1.  Back in the U.S.S.R.   (2:45)
2.  While My Guitar Gently Weeps   (4:45)
3.  Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da   (3:05)
4.  Get Back   (3:14)
5.  Don't Let Me Down   (3:33)
6.  The Ballad of John and Yoko   (2:59)
7.  Old Brown Shoe   (3:18)

Side four
1.  Here Comes the Sun   (3:05)
2.  Come Together   (4:20)
3.  Something   (3:03)
4.  Octopus's Garden    (2:51)
5.  Let It Be"   (3:52)
6.  Across the Universe   (3:48)
7.  The Long and Winding Road  (3:38)

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The Beatles - 1962-1966 (The Red Album) (1973)

Artist:  The Beatles
Title:  1962-1966 (The Red Album)
Release: 1973
Format:  2LP
Label:  Apple Records
Catalog#  5C 184-05307

1962-1966 (also known as "The Red Album") is a compilation record of songs by the English rock band The Beatles, spanning the years indicated in the title.
The album was compiled by Beatles manager Allen Klein. Even though the group had had success with cover versions of songs, most notably with "Twist and Shout", which made number 2 on the Billboard charts, only songs composed by the Beatles themselves were included.
Assembling a compilation of the Beatles is a difficult task, not only because they had an enormous number of hits, but also because singles didn't tell the full story; many of their album tracks were as important as the singles, if not more so. The double-album 1962-1966, commonly called The Red Album, does the job surprisingly well, hitting most of the group's major early hits and adding important album tracks like "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away," "Drive My Car," "Norwegian Wood," and "In My Life." Naturally, there are many great songs missing from the 26-track 1962-1966, and perhaps it would have made more sense to include the Revolver cuts on its companion volume, 1967-1970, yet The Red Album captures the essence of the Beatles' pre-Sgt. Pepper records.

Side one
1.  Love Me Do  (2:18)  
2.  Please Please Me  (1:58)  
3.  From Me To You  (1:56)  
4.  She Loves You  (2:19)  
5.  I Want To Hold Your Hand  (2:23)  
6.  All My Loving  (2:04)  
7.  Can't Buy Me Love  (2:10) 

Side two
1.  A Hard Day's Night  (2:29)  
2.  And I Love Her  (2:28)  
3.  Eight Days A Week  (2:42)  
4.  I Feel Fine  (2:20)  
5.  Ticket To Ride  (3:03)  
6.  Yesterday  (2:04) 

Side three
1.  Help!  (2:33)  
2.  You've Got To Hide Your Love Away  (2:06)  
3.  We Can Work It Out  (2:12)  
4.  Day Tripper  (2:48)  
5.  Drive My Car  (2:27)  
6.  Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)  (2:02) 

Side four
1.  Nowhere Man  (2:40)  
2.  Michelle  (2:41)  
3.  In My Life  (2:22)  
4.  Girl  (2:27)  
5.  Paperback Writer  (2:15)  
6.  Eleanor Rigby  (2:03)  
7.  Yellow Submarine  (2:46)

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Kokomo - Kokomo (1982)

Artist:  Kokomo
Title:  Kokomo
Release:  1982
Format:  LP
Label:  CBS Records
Catalog# 85604

Kokomo is a British band whose members were prime exponents of British soul in the 1970s. They released three albums and the second “Rise & Shine”, was thought to be "the finest British funk album of the 1970s".
In January 1977 an indefinite hiatus was announced, with band musicians going separate ways.
Kokomo's self-titled 1982 Columbia album was produced by Chicago soul stalwarts Leo Graham and James Mack (Tyrone Davis, the Manhattans). "A Little Bit Further Away" sounds similar to the Mack-arranged ballad hit "How Bout Us" by Champaign. The LP follows in the same mellow pop/soul mode as that number except for the smooth dance tracks "Stuck in the Groove" and "Aint Never Heard the Boogie." Standouts are the mid-tempo groover "Let Me Have It All" and the pleasantly poppy "Part-Time Affair." Kokomo became a post release favorite with U.K. Northern soul fans.

Side one
1.  A Little Bit Further Away  (3:59)  
2.  Part-Time Affair  (6:15)  
3.  Follow (The Stars Will Bring You Home)  (4:43)  
4.  Nowhere To Go On Tuesday Night  (4:45) 

Side two
1.  Stuck In A Groove  (4:12)  
2.  Ain't Never Heard The Boogie  (4:23)  
3.  All Through The Night (Let Me Be The One)  (4:13)  
4.  Keep On Dancin'  (3:41)  
5.  Let Me Have It All  (3:31)

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Earl Klugh - Low Ride (1983)

Artist:  Earl Klugh
Title:  Low Ride
Release:  1983
Format:  LP
Label:  Capitol Records
Catalog#  1C 064-400166

“Low Ride” is the 9th studio album by Earl Klugh released in 1983. The album features Klugh's signature sound of blending "heavy, rhythm-and-blues-oriented background with the feathery sound of Klugh". Conductor and arranger David Matthews joins Klugh on the orchestrated song "Christina".
All the tracks on “Low Ride” were written by Earl Klugh and recorded in February and May 1982 at A&M Studios in Los Angeles and Media Sound in New York. The album was produced by Earl Klugh and Roland Wilson. Engineers included Tom Jung, Dave Palmer, Jim Cassell and Andy Hoffman. Dave Palmer assisted Earl Klugh and Roland Wilson with final mixing and track listing. Mastering was undertaken by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, New York.
“Low Ride” is significant in many regards. It was a dramatic and inspiring collection of contemporary jazz compositions, featuring some of the finest musicians of the time. Earl Klugh himself appeared to really come to the fore with this album and achieved one of the highest points of his career.

Side one
1.  Back In Central Park  (3:47)  
2.  (If You Want To) Be My Love  (5:18)  
3.  Low Ride  (5:36)  
4.  Just Like Yesterday  (4:26) 

Side two
1.  If You're Still In Love With Me  (2:37)  
2.  I Never Thought I'd Leave You  (3:46)  
3.  Christina  (4:09)  
4.  Night Drive  (6:48)

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The Rolling Stones - Black And Blue (1976)

Artist:  The Rolling Stones
Title:  Black And Blue
Release:  1976
Format:  LP
Label:  Rolling Stones Records
Catalog#  COC 59106

“Black And Blue” is the 13th British and 15th American studio album by The Rolling Stones, released in 1976. It was the band’s first studio album released with Ronnie Wood as the replacement for Mick Taylor. Wood had played twelve-string acoustic guitar on the track “It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll (But I Like It)” from the It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll and appears on half of the “Black and Blue” album tracks (mostly backing vocals) with Wayne Perkins and Harvey Mandel playing guitar on the remaining titles.
The two songs that are undeniable highlights are “Memory Motel” and “Fool to Cry,” the album’s two ballads and, therefore, the two that had to be written and arranged, not knocked out in the studio; they’re also the ones that don’t quite make as much sense, though they still work in the context of the record. No, this is all about groove and sound, as the Stones work Ron Wood into their fabric. And the remarkable thing is, apart from “Hand of Fate” and “Crazy Mama,” there’s little straight-ahead rock & roll here. They play with reggae extensively, funk and disco less so, making both sound like integral parts of the Stones’ lifeblood. Apart from the ballads, there might not be many memorable tunes, but there are times that you listen to the Stones just to hear them play, and this is one of them.

Side one
1.  Hot Stuff  (5:20)
2.  Hand of Fate  (4:28)
3.  Cherry Oh Baby  (3:57)
4.  Memory Motel  (7:07)

Side two
1.  Hey Negrita  (4:59)
2.  Melody  (5:47)
3.  Fool to Cry  (5:04)
4.  Crazy Mama  (4:34)

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Jim Steinman - Bad For Good (1981)

Artist:   Jim Steinman
Title:   Bad For Good
Release:   1981
Format:   LP
Label:   Epic Records
Catalog#   EPC 84361

After penning the songs for Meat Loaf’s massively successful “Bat Out of Hell” album.
The songs were originally intended to be recorded by Meat Loaf as a follow up to “Bat out of Hell”, titled “Renegade Angel”. However, Meat Loaf suffered vocal problems and was unable to sing. He would record several tracks from “Bad For Good” for his later albums.
The result was 1981's “Bad For Good”, an epic slab of operatic rock that is very much in the same vein of Meat Loaf’s work, but nowhere near as satisfying. The first problem is Steinman’s voice: he simply doesn’t have the vocal range or lung power necessary to make this dramatic style of rock & roll work. For example of this problem, look no further than “Left in the Dark”; he struggles to keep up with vocal demands of this orchestral ballad, resulting in a vocal that sounds strained and occasionally off-key. The second problem is that some of the songs repeat the “Bat Out of Hell” formula instead of building upon it; the obvious culprit in this arena is “Dance In My Pants,” a duet that gratuitously recycles the battle of the sexes verbal sparring and the multi-part structure of Meat Loaf’s “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” to less-impressive effect. Despite these problems, a handful of gems shine through: “Surf’s Up” is a strong power ballad that effectively combines the Steinman songwriting style with Beach Boys-style production elements, and “Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through” is a heart-tugging testament to the inspirational power of rock & roll that draws its power from a sublime chorus layered with soaring background vocals. Ultimately, “Bad For Good” is too inconsistent and eccentric to keep the attention of the casual listener, but remains an interesting listen for anyone who appreciates Jim Steinman’s one-of-a-kind style of epic-size rock & roll.

Side one
1.   Bad for Good  (8:45)
2.   Lost Boys and Golden Girls  (4:36)
3.   Love and Death and an American Guitar  (2:38)
4.   Stark Raving Love  (7:23)

Side two
1.   Out of the Frying Pan (And Into the Fire)  (6:12)
2.   Surf’s Up  (5:25)
3.   Dance in My Pants (duet with Karla DeVito)  (7:58)
4.   Left in the Dark  (7:58)

Extra EP
 1.   The Storm (4:28)
 2.   Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through (6:29)

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Heart - Little Queen (1977)

Artist:   Heart
Title:   Little Queen
Release:   1977
Format:   LP
Label:   Portrait Records
Catalog#   PRT 82075

“Little Queen” is the second album released by Heart. It was released in May 1977 on Portrait Records.
After acquiring a substantial following with Dreamboat Annie, Heart solidified its niche in the hard rock and arena rock worlds with the equally impressive Little Queen. Once again, loud-and-proud, Led Zeppelin-influenced hard rock was the thing that brought Heart the most attention. But while “Barracuda” and “Kick It Out” are the type of sweaty rockers one thought of first when Heart’s name was mentioned, hard rock by no means dominates this album. In fact, much of “Little Queen” consists of such folk-influenced, acoustic-oriented fare as “Treat Me Well” and “Cry to Me.”

Side one
1.   Barracuda   (4:21)
2.   Love Alive   (4:22)
3.   Sylvan Song (Instrumental)   (2:12)
4.   Dream of the Archer   (4:30)
5.   Kick It Out   (2:45)

Side two
1.   Little Queen   (5:10)
2.   Treat Me Well   (3:25)
3.   Say Hello   (3:36)
4.   Cry to Me   (2:52)
5.   Go On Cry   (5:53)

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Patrice Rushen - Straight From The Heart (1982)

Artist:  Patrice Rushen
Title:  Straight From The Heart
Release:  1982
Format:  LP
Label:  Elektra Records
Catalog#  ELK 52352

“Straight From The Heart” was Patrice Rushen’s most successful album, at least from a sales standpoint: it peaked at number 14 on the pop chart. Still working with a core group of associates including Freddie Washington, Charles Mims, Paul M. Jackson, and Marlo Henderson (along with a still young Gerald Albright) that went back to her earlier Elektra albums, the material here is as slick as ever, but not at the expense of lighter rhythms or less memorable melodies. Much of the album’s popularity can be attributed to the club hit “Forget Me Nots,” Rushen’s most-known single, a breezy, buoyant mixture of handclaps, fingersnaps, twisting bass, and Rushen’s typically blissful (and not overplayed) electric piano, not to mention the incorporation of a bad bass-and-percussion breakdown. (If you were born after the mid-’70s or so, you’d be more likely to recognize the song as the basis of Will Smith’s “Men in Black.”) Beyond a forgettable ballad or two, the only disappointment is the Brenda Russell collaboration on “Breakout!,” where rock affectations (gnarling electric guitar, grimacing vocal tactics that suit neither Rushen nor Russell) damage what could’ve been a bigger hit. “Remind Me,” despite not being released as a single, is a sweet and low-slung groove that has been sampled and interpolated by no less than a dozen significant rap and R&B songs including Faith Evans’ “Fallin’ in Love,” Notorious B.I.G.’s “Unbelievable,” MoKenStef’s “He’s Mine,” and Junior M.A.F.I.A.’s “I Need You Tonight.” But it’s not like anything about this album requires that kind of validation.

Side one
1.  Forget Me Nots  (4:45)
2.  I Was Tired of Being Alone  (3:52)
3.  All We Need  (5:54)
4.  Number One” (instrumental)  (4:59)

Side two
1.  Where There Is Love  (3:11)
2.  Breakout!  (4:07)
3.  If Only  (3:23)
4.  Remind Me  (5:18)
5.  (She Will) Take You Down to Love  (4:24)

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Jean-Michel Jarre - The Concerts In China (1982)

Artist:  Jean-Michel Jarre
Title:  The Concerts In China
Release:  1982
Format:  2 LP
Label:  Polydor Records
Catalog#  2335261

“The Concerts In China” is a live album by Jean Michel Jarre, recorded in 1981 and released in 1982 on Disques Dreyfus. It was recorded during Jarre’s Concerts in China tour of Autumn 1981, which consisted of five Beijing and Shanghai concerts in China; this was the first time a Western pop artist performed in China after the Cultural Revolution.
The album is a balance of previously released tracks by Jarre, new compositions inspired by Chinese culture, and one rearranged traditional Chinese track (“Fishing Junks at Sunset”). The album consists mainly of live material, plus ambient sound recordings and one new studio track “Souvenir of China”. Other new compositions recorded live include “Night in Shanghai”, “Laser Harp”, “Arpegiator” and “Orient Express”. “Fishing Junks at Sunset” is a new arrangement of a very old traditional Chinese song known as the “Fisherman’s Chant at Dusk” which was performed and recorded with The Peking Conservatoire Symphony Orchestra, and is often wrongly attributed as being composed by Jean Michel Jarre, misled by the album inlay.

Side one
1.  The Overture  (4:47)
2.  Arpegiator  (6:54)
3.  Equinoxe IV  (7:49)

Side two
1.  Fishing Junks at Sunset  (9:38)
2.  Band in the Rain  (1:29)
3.  Equinoxe VII  (9:55)

Side three
1.  Orient Express  (4:22)
2.  Magnetic Fields I  (0:21)
3.  Magnetic Fields III  (3:49)
4.  Magnetic Fields IV  (6:49)
5.  Laser Harp  (3:37)

Side four
1.  Night in Shanghai  (7:02)
2.  The Last Rumba  (2:11)
3.  Magnetic Fields II  (6:26)
4.  Souvenir of China  (3:54)

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