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Gino Vannelli - A Pauper In Paradise (1977) - Lp

Release: 1977
Genre:  Jazz-Rock, Fusion
Format:  LP
Label:  A&M Records
Catalog#   AMLH 64664
Prijs:  €10,00

Much as with his previous album The Gist of the Gemini this album concludes with the title suite,in four movements. It is a full blown classic piece-moving yes but certainly a bit of an about face even for an artist as gifted and creative as Vannelli was.
Generally speaking this is where Gino Vannelli finally perfected his blend of jazz-fusion and progressive R&B.Songs such as the upbeat "Madri Gras" and "A Song And Dance" are two of his best contributions to the form. My favorite song here is probably the bass-ARP funk-pop hump of "Valleys Of Vahalla" which is set to the most unusual lyric for a song of this type;typical of Gino's unconventional musical bent. The same combination of music and tempo is heard on the bouncy "One Night With You" wheras "The Surest Things Can Change" and "Black And Blue" are two of his best ballads-the later being a great blend of vocal and musical experimentation that you will enjoy thinking about.
One listen to Mardi Gras and you can see how Gino Vannelli manage to gain and keep his legions of fans. With a voice so powerful and full of character,the sounds that come out of this man's mouth are at times funny because you just know he's feelin' what he's throwing down ! "One night with you" is another example of Gino Vannelli's "vocal awesomeness". "Song and Dance" is an introduction of sorts welcoming the "audience" if you will to the "Greatest Show On Earth" with Gino as our musical ring master. Nearing the closing of this musical journey,there are some instrumentals of the classical kind.
What is the most interesting thing is that 'A Pauper In Paradise' is essencially the last album Vannelli would produce in this particular style;in the future Gino would persue a more coherant,superbly crafted musical direction then his ARP synthesizer-charged brand of Stevie Wonderish R&B/fusion of this and the previous three albums before it.

Side A
A1.  Mardi Gras  (3:26)
A2.  Valleys of Valhalla  (4:23)
A3.  The Surest Things Can Change  (4:35)
A4.  One Night with You  (4:18)
A5.  A Song and Dance  (3:37)

Side B
B1.  Black and Blue  (4:21)
B2.  A Pauper in Paradise (In Four Movements)  (15:14)

Vinyl:  Goed
Cover:  Goed


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