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The Whispers - Love Is Where You Find It (1981) - Lp

Released:  1981
Genre:  Solar Sound, Disco, Soul 
Format: LP
Label:  Solar Records
Catalog#  SOL 52344
Prijs:  €10,00

Love Is Where You Find It is the eleventh studio album by American R&B/Soul group the Whispers. Released on June 7, 1981, by SOLAR Records, this album reached number 1 on the Billboard Soul Albums chart.
Released after This Kind of Lovin', Love Is Where You Find It finds the group continuing its hitmaking style and boasts the production work of Leon F. Sylvers III and the Solar sound. While the group's albums were never necessities, like the Temptations or to a lesser extent the Dramatics, the worth of the ballads and dance tracks often made the Whispers worth seeking out. Love Is Where You Find It is no exception.
The album's biggest hits -- the polished and kinetic "In the Raw" and "Emergency" -- quickly joined the pantheon of Whispers dance classics. The near-brilliant "Turn Me Out" arguably beats them both for sheer sonic value and the witty lyrics. Unlike many of the Whispers' albums of the time, the ballads here diminish the set. The radio staple "Say Yes" may be too smooth and cloying even for Whispers devotees. Love Is Where You Find It isn't an especially strong album, but "Turns Me Out" makes it worth looking for.

Side A
A1.  In the Raw   (5:56)
A2.  Turn Me Out   (5:53)
A3.  Cruisin’ In   (3:12)
A4.  Emergency   (4:19)

Side B
B1.  Say Yes   (5:14)
B2.  Love Is Where You Find It   (5:23)
B3.  Only You  (4:28)
B4.  Small Talkin’   (4:04)

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