February 10, 2018

Sweet - Level Headed (1978) - Lp

Release: 1978
Genre:  Glam Rock
Format:  LP
Label:  Polydor Records
Catalog#  2344100
Prijs:  €10,00

Level Headed is the sixth album by Sweet. Different versions were released by Polydor in Europe and by Capitol in the US, Canada and Japan.
The album features "Love Is Like Oxygen", the band's last single to hit the top 40, peaking at #8 in the US and #9 in the UK. The single version of "Love Is Like Oxygen" is substantially shorter than the album version. A second single, "California Nights", was released from the album but only reached #76 in the US.
This was the last album to feature the classic Sweet lineup, as Brian Connolly departed around a year after the album's release, in order to embark on a solo career. The remaining trio of Steve Priest, Andy Scott, and Mick Tucker continued on and delivered three more albums before breaking up in 1981.

Sweet struggled to earn credibility as album artists and/or score hits after finally wresting themselves free of songwriting/production team Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman in the summer of 1974. They turned out a few albums before achieving both goals with Level Headed. The album gave them their final Top Ten hit with the dreamy "Love Is Like Oxygen," a single that suggested that its accompanying record was a trippy mainstream pop record.
Instead, it was one part of an ambitious sonic mosaic where Sweet tried a little bit of everything, cloaking it all in a neo-prog aesthetic.
If it was hard to hear the candy crunch of early Sweet on "Love Is Like Oxygen," it seems like "Little Willy" in comparison to the rest of Level Headed, where the group runs wild in the studio. Throughout the first half, they indulge in catchy pop, dressing it up with mild psychedelia, elongating melodies with breezy harmonies and studio swirl.
This is just a teaser for the second side, where they delve deep into album rock weirdness, trying on classical-inspired art rock with "Anthem No. 1" and "Anthem No. 2," waltzing along with the Europop "Lettres d'Amour," and livening the proceedings with "Strong Love," a horn-spiked disco tune.
Certainly, this is not classic-era Sweet, but that's precisely what's good about Level Headed -- they're off-kilter and adventurous, occasionally stumbling but always making interesting music on an album that's anything but what the title promises.
If Level Headed didn't spawn another hit, so be it -- it remains one of Sweet's most fascinating albums, compared to both what came before and after. Yes, it was "Ballroom Blitz," "Fox on the Run," and other early hits that influenced the pop-metal of the late '70s and '80s, but for hardcore Sweet fans, Level Headed is a gem to treasure.

Side A
1. Dream On (Scott) – 2:52
2. Love Is Like Oxygen (Scott, Trevor Griffin) – 6:57
3. California Nights – 3:42
4. Strong Love – 3:27
5. Fountain – 4:44

Side B
1. Anthem No. I (Lady of the Lake) – 4:12
2. Silverbird – 3:27
3. Lettres D’Amour – 3:28
4. Anthem No. II – 1:04
5. Air on ‘A’ Tape Loop (Scott, Tucker, Priest) – 5:54

Vinyl: Goed
Hoes: Goed


February 05, 2018

Alice Cooper - From The Inside (1978) - Lp

Release:  1978
Genre:  Rock
Format:  LP
Label:  Warner Bros. Records
Catalog#  WB 56577
Prijs:  €10,00

From the Inside is the eleventh studio album by Alice Cooper, released in 1978. It is a concept album about Cooper’s stay in a New York sanitarium due to his alcoholism. Each of the characters in the songs were based on actual people Cooper met in the sanitarium. With this album, he saw the addition of three former members of the Elton John band: lyricist Bernie Taupin, guitarist Davey Johnstone and bassist Dee Murray.
The lead single from the album was “How You Gonna See Me Now”, an early example of a power ballad, which reached number 12 in the US Hot 100 chart. A music video was also created for it. The ‘Madhouse Rocks Tour’ in support of From the Inside lasted from February to April 1979 and saw all songs from the album as regular parts of the setlist except “Millie and Billie”, “For Veronica’s Sake” and “Jackknife Johnny” Since 1979, however, songs from From the Inside have rarely been performed live, with the only cases being “Serious” on the 2003 ‘Bare Bones’ tour, “Wish I Were Born in Beverly Hills” on the 2005–2006 Dirty Diamonds Tour, “Nurse Rozetta” on the ‘Descent into Dragontown’ and ‘Theatre of Death’ tours, and “From the Inside” between 1997 and 1999 and on the late 2000s ‘Theatre of Death’ tour.
The album was adapted into a comic book, Marvel Premiere #50.

Side A
A1.   From the Inside   (3:55)
A2.   Wish I Were Born in Beverly Hills   (3:38)
A3.   The Quiet Room   (3:52)
A4.   Nurse Rozetta   (4:15)
A5.   Millie and Billie (with Marcy Levy)   (4:15)

Side B
B1.   Serious   (2:44)
B2.   How You Gonna See Me Now   (3:57)
B3.   For Veronica’s Sake   (3:37)
B4.   Jackknife Johnny   (3:45)
B5.   Inmates (We’re All Crazy)   (5:03)

Vinyl: Goed
Cover: Goed


February 04, 2018

Angela Bofill - Too Tough (1983) - Lp

Release:  1983
Genre:  Soul
Format:  LP
Label:  Arista Records
Catalog#  205273
Prijs:  €10,00

Angela Tomasa Bofill (born May 3, 1954) is an American R&B and jazz singer-songwriter.
Too Tough marks the fourth album released by the recording artist Angela Bofill, released in early 1983. This was her second release through Arista Records, with Narada Michael Walden again serving as joint music producer.
Too Tough performed better on the charts than her previous album, Something About You. The title track, "Too Tough", laced with double entendre, became a sizable dancefloor hit, spending four weeks at number two on the Billboard Dance chart. It also peaked at number five on the Billboard soul chart. The remainder of the album has similar dance-pop songs and a few soulful ballads.

Side A
A1. Too Tough  (5:36) 
A2. Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing  (3:04) 
A3. Tonight I Give In  (3:21) 
A4. You Could Come Take Me Home  (3:51) 
A5. Love You Too Much  (3:56) 

Side B
B1. Is This A Dream  (5:11) 
B2. Song For A Rainy Day  (3:37) 
B3. I Can See It In Your Eyes  (3:31) 
B4. Accept Me (I’m Not A Girl Anymore)  (3:34) 
B5. Rainbow Inside My Heart  (3:44)

Vinyl: Goed
Cover: Goed


February 03, 2018

Santana - Freedom (1987) – Lp

Release:  1987
Genre:  Latin Rock, Synth-pop
Format:  LP
Label:  CBS Records
Catalog#  450394 1
Prijs:  €10,00

Freedom is the fourteenth studio album by Santana. By this recording, Santana had nine members, some of which had returned after being with the band in previous versions. Freedom moved away from the more poppy sound of the previous album, Beyond Appearances and back to the band’s original Latin rock. It failed, however, to revive Santana’s commercial fortunes, reaching only ninety-five on the album chart.
Freedom marked several reunions in the Santana band, which was now a nonet. In addition to Carlos, the band consisted of percussionists Armando Pereza, Orestes Vilato, and Raul Rekow; returning drummer Graham Lear; bassist Alphonso Johnson; returning keyboardist Tom Coster, keyboardist Chester Thompson, and, on lead vocals, Buddy Miles, who had made a duet album with Santana 15 years before. Credited as an “additional musician” was keyboard player Greg Rolie, an original member. The music also marked a return from the hyper-pop sound of Val Garay on Beyond Appearances to a more traditional Santana Latin rock style. Thus, Freedom was a literal return to form, but, unfortunately, not to the quality of early Santana albums. And the group’s commercial decline continued, with the LP getting to only Number 95.
Recorded at: The Plant Studios, Sausalito, California

Side A
A1. Veracruz  (4:23)
A2. She Can’t Let Go  (4:45)
A3. Once It’s Gotcha  (5:42)
A4. Love Is You  (3:54)
A5. Songs Of Freedom  (4:28)

Side B
B1. Deeper, Dig Deeper  (4:18)
B2. Praise  (4:36)
B3. Mandela  (5:31)
B4. Before We Go  (3:54)
B5. Victim Of Circumstance  (5:21)

Album:  Goed
Cover:  Goed