August 30, 2018

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Santana - Shango (1982) - Lp

Genre:  Latin Rock
Format:  LP
Label:  CBS Records
Catalog#  85914
Prijs:  €10,00

Shangó is the twelfth studio album by Santana. The album reached number twenty two in Billboard 200 album charts.
Shango is notable for featuring the return, in the role of co-producer and co-songwriter, of original Santana keyboardist Greg Rolie.

The main producer, however, was Bill Szymczyk (James GangEagles), who gave Santana an unusually sharp rock sound resulting in two more hit singles, "Hold On", and "Nowhere to Run".

"The Nile" is a strong,bluesy rocker to open the album. "Hold On" is a well crafted and produced post disco funky pop number-reminiscent of Stanley Clarke's Let Me Know You album of the same year,on which Carlos himself appeared.
 "Night Hunting Time" is a stark,electric piano led groove-a perfect example of nighttime funk and one of my personal favorites here. "Nowhere To Run" was the hit here,a shuffling synthesized new wave type song with highly spirited craft about it.
"Nuava York" maintains that new wave synthesizer element on a classic style Santana band instrumental. "Oxun (Oshun)" is another favorite of mine-a catchy Afro Pop tune with a wonderfully mystical lyric. "Body Surfing" is probably my favorite here-adapting the cleanly played mainstream pop/new wave sound of the Police with its glassy guitars and spirited dance/rock chorus.

On a version of Jr.Walker & The All Stars "What Does It Take",Baker's electric pianos play a counter melody that brings out the Hall & Oates style rock n soul side of Santana wonderfully. "Let Me Inside" is a heavy funk groove-maybe heavier then their late 70's grooves and very naked and stripped down-slower than his but workable for the Prince audience. "Warrior" goes into the classic Santana mode before ending with the brief African styled title song.
Very much in the spirit of jazz greats like Duke Ellington, Carlos Santana showcased an ability to update a basic instrumental framework with contemporary musical elements on this album. And its an approach he never abandoned.

Side A
A1.  Hold On  (4:54)
A2.  Night Hunting Time  (4:42)
A3.  Nowhere To Run  (3:58)
A4.  Nueva York  (4:57)

Side B
B1.  Oxun (Oshun)  (4:12)
B2.  Body Surfing  (4:25)
B3.  What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)  (3:24)
B4.  Let Me Inside  (3:31)
B5.  Warrior  (4:21)
B6.  Shango  (1:41)

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