November 10, 2018

Rush - The Exit...Stage Left (1981) - 2Lp

Release:  1981
Genre:   Progressive Rock
Format:  2LP
Label:  Mercury Records
Catalog#  6337194
Prijs:   €20,00

Exit...Stage Left is the second live album by the Canadian rock band Rush, released as a double album in October 1981 on Anthem Records.
After touring in support of their eighth studio album Moving Pictures (1981), the band gathered recordings made over the previous two years and constructed a live release from them with producer Terry Brown.
The album features recordings from June 1980 on their Permanent Waves (1980) tour, and from March 1981 on their Moving Pictures tour.

Side two of Exit...Stage Left was recorded from June 10–11, 1980 at The Apollo in Glasgow, Scotland, during the band's supporting tour for their seventh studio album, Permanent Waves. The remaining three sides were recorded on March 27, 1981 at The Forum in Montreal, Canada during the subsequent tour of their eighth album, Moving Pictures.

After the 1981 tour, the band retreated to Le Studio in Morin Heights in Quebec, Canada to edit and mix the recordings they had made on the two tours, which Peart noted totalled over 50 reels of two-inch tape. The band went through the material to find the best performances for inclusion for a live album.
They found a technical fault or a wrong note was enough to affect an otherwise acceptable performance, so they opted to edit the faults using parts from the collection of tapes.
In 1993, Lee revealed the band had to add in new sections in the studio to correct passages with out of tune guitars. Neither member is credited to the album's production, who left the duty to their longtime producer, Terry Brown. During the production, Rush wrote and recorded "Subdivisions", a new song that would be released on their following studio album, Signals.

Upon the album's completion, Peart said the group were happier with Exit...Stage Left than with their first live album All the World's a Stage, noting that the latter suffered from uneven sound quality. In subsequent years however, Lee developed a more critical view of Exit...Stage Left, noting that the group tried to make it sound "too perfect" in part by reducing the levels of audience noise,  while Lifeson for his part thought the album sounded too clean and not as raw as All the World's a Stage, and as a consequence the band aimed to reach a "middle ground" between the two with A Show of Hands, Rush's third live release. 

Rush performs a short rendition of "Ebb Tide" before "Jacob's Ladder". "Broon's Bane" is a short classical guitar arrangement performed by Lifeson as an extended intro to "The Trees." The song is named after Terry Brown, nicknamed "Broon" by the band. The song is not featured on any other live or studio recording by Rush. Also on the album, Lee refers to Brown as "T.C. Broonsie" when introducing "Jacob's Ladder."

Side A
A1.  The Spirit of Radio   (5:11)
A2.  Red Barchetta   (6:46)
A3.  YYZ   (7:43)

Side B
B1.  A Passage to Bangkok   (3:45)
B2.  Closer to the Heart   (3:08)
B3.  Beneath, Between & Behind   (2:34)
B4.  Jacob’s Ladder   (8:46)

Side C
C1.  Broon’s Bane   (1:37)
C2.  The Trees   (4:50)
C3.  Xanadu   (12:09)

Side D
D1.  Freewill   (5:31)
D2.  Tom Sawyer   (4:59)
D3.  La Villa Strangiato   (9:37)

Vinyl:  Goed
Cover:  Goed

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