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John Fogerty - Centerfield (1985) - Lp

John Cameron Fogerty (born May 28, 1945) is an American musician, songwriter, and guitarist, early in his career best known as the lead singer and lead guitarist for the band Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) and later as a successful solo recording artist.
Centerfield is the third solo studio album by musician John Fogerty. Released in 1985, it spawned the hit singles "The Old Man Down the Road", "Rock and Roll Girls" and the title track "Centerfield". This was Fogerty's first album in nine years; After Asylum Records rejected his Hoodoo album, he decided to take a long break from the music business because of legal battles with his record company.
In the meantime, Fogerty's recording contract with Asylum Records was reassigned to co-owned Warner Bros. Records so this album was the first released on the Warner Bros. label.
Fogerty played all the instruments on this album himself, thanks to overdubbing. The image on the cover shows an old-fashioned, "beat-up glove", as referenced in the title song, and text similar to a logo of a baseball team, setting the mood for the track.

Side A
A1.  The Old Man Down The Road   (3:32)  
A2.  Rock And Roll Girls   (3:26)  
A3.  Big Train (From Memphis)   (2:58)  
A4.  I Saw It On T.V.   (4:19)  
A5.  Mr. Greed   (4:05) 

Side B
B1.  Searchlight   (4:29)  
B2.  Centerfield   (3:50)  
B3.  I Can't Help Myself   (3:11)  
B4.  Vanz Kant Danz   (5:30)

Release:  1985
Label:  Bellaphon Records
Genre:  Country Rock, Swamp Rock
Format:  LP
Catalog#  26007085

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