August 09, 2012

Dillinger - CB 200 (1976)

Artist:   Dillinger
Title:   CB 200
Year:   1976
Format:   LP
Label:   Islands
Genre:  Reggae
Catalog#   ILPS 9385

Dillinger cut several albums worth of material, taking full advantage of the comparatively modern Channel One with his first international release C.B. 200 (1976) the make and model of his Honda motorcycle. Tucked within the tricky rhymes and seemingly effortless patois are strong and incisive observations of Western culture. Chiefly, the anti-drug anthem "Cokane in My Brain" with a primary rhythm ironically adopted from the B.T. Express' hit "Do It ('Til Your Satisfied)." The title and chorus are direct descendants of the North American "Cocaine Blues" folk ballad -- as brought to prominence by Dave Van Ronk and then subsequently adapted as "Take a Whiff on Me" by the Byrds. However, Dillinger's call-and-response takes a direct aim on the New York lifestyle as the austere lyrics proclaim "No matter how I treat my guest/They always like my kitchen best/'Cause I've cocaine/Runnin' around my brain" and "How do you spell New York?/ A knife, a fork, a bottle and a cork/That's the way we spell New York."

Side one
1.   C.B. 200   (2:37)
2.   No Chuck It   (2:56)
3.   Cocaine in My Brain   (2:47)
4.   The General   (3:00)
5.   Power Bank   (3:13)

Side two
1.   Plantation Heights   (2:57)
2.   Race Day   (3:58)
3.   Natty Kick Like Lightning   (2:31)
4.   Buckingham Palace   (4:14)
5.   Crankface   (2:42)

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