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Creedence Clearwater Revival - Pendulum (1970)

Artist:  Creedence Clearwater Revival
Title:  Pendulum
Release:  1970
Format:  LP
Label:  Liberty Records
Genre:  Country Rock
Catalog#  5C 062-92153

“Pendulum” is the sixth studio album by American rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival, released by Fantasy Records on December 15, 1970.
“Pendulum” was the only studio album by the group that did not contain any cover songs; all tracks were written by John Fogerty. It was the last album the band did with Tom Fogerty, who would leave the band to start a solo career. It was also the last album to feature John Fogerty as the record’s solo producer. “Pendulum” finds a first-class songwriter and craftsman pushing himself and his band to try new sounds, styles, and textures. His ambition results in a stumble “Rude Awakening 2? portentously teeters on the verge of prog-rock, something CCR just can’t pull off but the rest of the record is excellent, with such great numbers as the bluesy groove “Pagan Baby,” the soulful vamp “Chameleon,” the moody “It’s Just a Thought”, the raver “Molina”, “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” and “Hey Tonight.
 Most bands would kill for this to be their best stuff, and the fact that it’s tucked away on an album that even some fans forget illustrates what a tremendous band Creedence Clearwater Revival was.

Side one
1.  Pagan Baby  (6:25)
2.  Sailor’s Lament  (3:47)
3.  Chameleon  (3:05)
4.  Have You Ever Seen the Rain?  (2:39)
5.  (Wish I Could) Hideaway  (3:53)

Side two
1.  Born to Move  (5:39)
2.  Hey Tonight  (2:43)
3.  It’s Just a Thought  (3:45)
4.  Molina  (2:41)
5.  Rude Awakening #2  (6:19)

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