February 16, 2015

Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Laughter (1981)

Artist:  Ian Dury & The Blockheads
Title:  Laughter
Release: 1981
Format:  LP
Label:  Stiff Records
Catalog#  Seez 30

“Laughter” is the second studio album by Ian Dury & The Blockheads; released in 1980, it was the last studio album Dury made for Stiff Records. It was also the last studio album he made with The Blockheads.
Working with lead guitarist Wilko Johnson (Dr. Feelgood), Ian Dury gradually moves away from disco with the album, “Laughter”. The steady dance pulse is still apparent, but it's balanced by rockers and pub singalongs that give the album more depth. That doesn't necessarily make it a better album, however. Dury's humor is at its most basic, as the titles of "Uncoolohol," "(Take Your Elbow out of the Soup) You're Sitting on the Chicken," "Oh Mr. Peanut," and "Fucking Ada" indicate, and his lyrics aren't quite as stunningly fluid as before. Still, the record is fun, and "Superman's Big Sister," "Yes & No (Paula)," and "Over the Points" are pretty infectious.

Side one
1.  Superman's Big Sister  (2:29)  
2.  Pardon  (2:38)  
3.  Delusions Of Grandeur  (2:42)  
4.  Yes & No (Paula)  (3:06)  
5.  Dance Of The Crackpots  (2:35)  
6.  Over The Points  (4:06) 

Side two
1.  (Take Your Elbow Out Of The Soup You're Sitting On The Chicken)  (2:32)  
2.  Uncoolohol  (3:04)  
3.  Hey, Hey, Take Me Away  (2:26)  
4.  Manic Depression (Jimi)  (3:51)  
5.  Oh Mr Peanut  (3:28)  
6.  Fucking Ada  (5:56)

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