March 24, 2015

Madonna - Madonna (1983)

Artist:  Madonna
Title:  Madonna
Release:  1983
Format:  LP
Label:  Sire Records
Catalog#  92-3867-1

Madonna began her career as a disco diva in an era that didn't have disco divas. It was an era where disco was anathema to the mainstream pop, and she had a huge role in popularizing dance music as a popular music again.  Certainly, her undeniable charisma, chutzpah, and sex appeal had a lot to do with that it always did, throughout her career but she wouldn't have broken through if the music wasn't so good. This is music where all of the elements may not particularly impressive on their own the arrangement, synth, and drum programming are fairly rudimentary; Madonna's singing isn't particularly strong; the songs, while hooky and memorable, couldn't necessarily hold up on their own without the production but taken together, it's utterly irresistible. And that's the hallmark of dance-pop: every element blends together into an intoxicating sound, where the hooks and rhythms are so hooky, the shallowness is something to celebrate. And there are some great songs here, whether it's the effervescent "Lucky Star," "Borderline," and "Holiday" or the darker, carnal urgency of "Burning Up" and "Physical Attraction."

Side one
1.  Lucky Star  (5:30)  
2.  Borderline  (5:18)  
3.  Burning Up  (4:48)  
4.  I Know It  (3:45) 

Side two
1.  Holiday  (6:08)  
2.  Think Of Me  (4:53)  
3.  Physical Attraction  (6:35)  
4.  Everybody  (4:57)

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