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Boz Scaggs - Middle Man (1980)

Artist:  Boz Scaggs
Title:  Middle Man
Release:  1980
Format:  LP
Label:  CBS
Catalog#  86094

“Middle Man” is the ninth album by Boz Scaggs, released on Columbia Records in 1980. Scaggs re-hired the members of the band Toto as session musicians, and shared song-writing credits with them.
Scaggs nonetheless caps off the decade with equal nods to his ’70s hitmaking formulas and the newer, shinier production techniques of the coming decade. The synthesizer rocker “Angel You” and the title track are given the full in-vogue androgynous treatment, while the opener “Jo Jo” and “Simone” are pages taken from his Here’s the Low Down-era grooves that wedded soulful vocals against a flurry of jazz changes. His penchant for the ballad is explored on “You Can Have Me Any Time” and “Isn’t It Time,” while his seldom-seen rockier side comes up for air on the bluesy “Breakdown Dead Ahead” and “You Got Some Imagination,” both featuring stinging guitar from Steve Lukather.

Side one
1.  Jojo  (5:51)
2.  Breakdown Dead Ahead  (4:33)
3.  Simone  (5:05)
4.  You Can Have Me Anytime  (4:56)

Side two
1.  Middle Man  (4:51)
2.  Do Like You Do in New York  (3:44)
3.  Angel You  (3:38)
4.  Isn’t It Time  (4:53)
5.  You Got Some Imagination  (3:56)

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