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Pussycat - First Of All (1976)

Artist:  Pussycat
Title:  First Of All
Release:  1976
Format:  LP
Label:  EMI Records
Catalog#  5C 064-25419

Pussycat emerged during the 1970s thanks to the musical aspirations of the Kowalczyk sisters Tonny Willé, Betty Drastra, and Marianne Hensen. Growing up in Limburg, Netherlands, the girls first came to the public’s attention as Zingende Zusjes (the Singing Sisters), with a well-received repertoire of German-language songs. Adding a female drummer to the brew, the group completely revamped its sound and changed its name, becoming the BG’s from Holland a direct nod to the burgeoning big beat movement sweeping the country, and the youthful assumption that they would break out of their local scene.
With the sisters still the core members of the group, by early 1975 they had recruited drummer Theo Coumans, bassist Theo Wetzels, and guitarist John Theunissen, and updated their image once again, now finally emerging as Pussycat. Signing to the EMI label, they recorded the album “First Of All” in 1976 with their first single, “Mississippi.” The song became a massive seller for Pussycat, pushing them into the charts across Europe and England, where it reached number one in August 1976.

Side one
1.  Georgie  (2:27)
2.  Pasadena  (3:57)
3.  Boulevard De La Madeleine  (2:55)
4.  What Did They Do To The People  (3:03)
5.  Mexicali Lane  (3:10)
6.  Take Me  (2:40)

Side two
1.  Missisisippi  (4:33)
2.  Delany  (3:18)
3.  Do It  (2:17)
4.  Help Me Living On  (3:49)
5.  Just A Woman  (3:40)
6.  Bad Boy  (3:41)

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