January 21, 2014

Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - The Distance (1982)

Artist:  Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
Title:  The Distance
Release:  1982
Format:  LP
Label:  Capitol Records
Catalog#  1C 064-400150

“The Distance” is the 12th album by US-American rock singer Bob Seger. It was released in the final week of 1982.  The album's lead single, "Shame On The Moon", was Seger's biggest hit.
“The Distance” was hailed as a return to form upon the time of its release and, in many ways, might be a little stronger, a little more consistent than its predecessor, Against the Wind. Still, this album has the slickest production Bob Seger had yet granted, and the biggest hit single on “The Distance” wasn't written by him, it was a cover of Rodney Crowell's "Shame on the Moon." Now, this wasn't entirely unusual, since Seger had been an excellent interpreter of songs for years, but this, combined with the glossy sound, signaled that Seger may have been more concerned with his status as a popular, blue-collar rocker than his music. Not that there's much to fault with the music, since "Even Now" and "Roll Me Away" are easily two of his classics, and he turns out craftsmanlike rockers like "Makin' Thunderbirds" and "Boomtown Blues" with aplomb. For all its attributes, it feels like a mirror image of “Against The Wind”, an album where the rockers, on the whole, wind up being more convincing than the ballads. Now, that doesn't mean “The Distance” is a bad record, since it isn't it's filled with first-rate heartland rockers but Seger at his best could balance rockers with ballads, or if he concentrated on rockers, it would be more ferocious than this.

Side one
1. "Even Now"     4:31
2. "Makin' Thunderbirds"     2:58
3. "Boomtown Blues"     3:38
4. "Shame on the Moon"   Rodney Crowell 4:55
5. "Love's the Last to Know"     4:26

Side two
1. "Roll Me Away"     4:39
2. "House Behind a House"     4:00
3. "Comin' Home"     6:06
4. "Little Victories"  

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