February 22, 2015

Baccara - Baccara (1977)

Artist:  Baccara
Title:  Baccara
Release: 1977
Format:  LP
Label: CNR Records
Catalog#  655070

Baccara is the debut studio album by Spanish duo Baccara, first released on RCA Victor in West Germany in 1977. It contains the European hit singles "Yes Sir I Can Boogie" and "Sorry I'm A Lady".
Baccara is a female vocal duo formed in 1977 by Spanish artists Mayte Mateos (7 February 1951, Logroño) and María Mendiola (4 April 1952, Madrid). The pair rapidly achieved international success with their debut single "Yes Sir, I Can Boogie", which reached number one across much of Europe and is one of the best-selling singles of all time. A successful follow-up single ("Sorry, I'm a Lady") and European tour led to release a self-titled album, written and produced by Soja and Dostal, was released. The album was the first platinum selling album.

Side one
1.  Yes Sir, I Can Boogie  (4:29)  
2.  Love You Till I Die  (4:26)  
3.  Granada  (4:17)  
4.  Gimme More  (3:50)  
5.  Koochie-Koo  (4:04) 

Side two
1.  Sorry, I'm A Lady  (3:37)  
2.  Cara Mia  (2:53)  
3.  Feel Me  (4:20)  
4.  Can't Help Falling In Love  (3:26)  
5.  Number One  (2:37)  
6.  Don't Play Me A Symphonie  (4:17)

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