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Dayton - Feel The Music (1984)

Artist:  Dayton
Title:  Feel The Music
Release: 1984
Format: LP
Label:  Capitol Records
Catalog#  1A 064-7122971

Dayton was a post-disco funk band, formed in Dayton, Ohio, United States by Chris Jones (trumpet, keyboards, vocals) from the band Sun and Shawn Sandridge (guitar, vocals) from Over Night Low. Derrick Armstrong (vocals), Kevin Hurt (drums, percussion), Jennifer Matthews (vocals) and Rachel Beavers (vocals) completed the line up.
Dayton introduced Rahni Harris as vocalist/keyboard player on their third album, “Feel The Music” in 1983, which included "The Sound Of Music".
This is a superb, classic and most over-looked album, not only for the smash hit "The sound of music" but also for the over-all quality of the entire set. The album also includes playfully "Out to night" and one of the most impressive mid tempo tracks for a long time in the sensitive "Promise me", a track that makes you feel pure joy in the deepest place of your heart. The music is sweet, well performed, joyfully, easy listening and over all packed with expressed love to the music. The album is simply highly recommended for anyone that likes R&B/popfunk from the early 80's in particular and good music in general.

Side one
1.  The Sound Of Music  (5:38)  
2.  It Must Be Love  (4:04)  
3.  Out Tonight  (4:56)  
4.  So What  (4:57) 

Side two
1.  Love You Anyway  (4:25)  
2.  Caught In The Middle  (4:40)  
3.  Eyes  (4:11)  
4.  Promise Me  (4:02)  
5.  Lookin' Up  (3:54)

available at: http://www.ad-vinylrecords.com

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