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George Duke - Thief In The Night (1985)

Artist:  George Duke
Title:  Thief In The Night
Release:  1985
Format:  LP
Label:  Elektra Records
Catalog#  960398-1

George Duke´s album “Thief In The Night”, his Elektra debut from 1985. What does seperate this album from Duke’s others is not only it’s total abandonment of jazz but of funk and fusion as well.George Duke consentrates on either techno pop/dance or rockier new wave type music here and all of these songs have vocals.The dance music includes “I Surrender”, “We’re Supposed To Have Fun”-both of which are about as pop/R&B perfect as a period Narada Michael Walden composition and the strong,sexy title song-actually one of his finest moments composing pure pop gold that finds Duke musing about a mysterious lady with “see through underwear”. On the spiky ‘Ride’ and the uncharacteristic monster ballad “Why” (the latter even including another singer besides Duke) find him exploring far rockier material.But the strongest song here is “Remembering The Sixties”,where George Duke and Stevie Wonder muse about nostolgia through love and Duke manages a dead on Wonder vocal impression that’s almost eerie.It’s so catchy it’s almost sing a long-very much Wonder fare. Stevie shows up (singing this time) again on the largely instrumental “Jam”,the closest thing to funk on this release.Of course being a George Duke album he brings the Brazillian feel back into play on “La La” to close things out and delivers a nice ballad in “Love Mission”. “Thief In The Night” will likely not be to every George Duke fans taste-it’s not a jazz or fusion recording and couldn’t be more mid 80’s. It showcases the style he perfected as a pop producer instead. But aside from all that the composition is very strong and his abilities in this area are obviosly very high. The first time a George Duke fans listens to this they might lose interest but the more you listen the more you love it and my even find yourself singing and jittering along while dancing yourself silly.

Side one
1.  I Surrender  (3:32)
2.  Thief In The Night  (4:47)
3.  Remembering The Sixties  (4:34)
4.  We’re Supposed To Have Fun  (4:25)

Side two
1.  Ride  (3:54)
2.  Love Mission  (4:24)
3.  Jam  (5:11)
4.  Why  (4:12)
5.  La La  (3:37)

available at: http://www.ad-vinylrecords.com

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