December 27, 2020

Al Stewart - Live Indian Summer (2LP) (1981) - €14,99

Live/Indian Summer is the first live album by Al Stewart, released in 1981. It was originally released as a double LP, with sides 2, 3 & 4 featuring live material while side 1 featured five new studio recordings. 
The side 1 tracks were recorded at Evergreen Studios, Los Angeles between June–August 1981, while the three live sides were recorded at The Roxy Theatre, Los Angeles in April 1981.

Although all musicians were credited, the band itself Shot in the Dark were uncredited on the album sleeve and label, which was the second and last album Stewart performed with them as his backing band. They are however introduced with Stewart before the first song of the live-set. 

There is excellent variety on this album and the fact it all very well executed shows the competence of the musicians: they are top notch players. For example, a number of slower tracks feature really outstanding acoustic guitar work from Peter White. Elsewhere, the up tempo tracks are perfectly executed: the rhythm section chuggs along nicely right through this concert.

Some of the highlights are “Here in Angola,” “Pandora,” and “Princess Olivia.” Those three tracks are the best of the studio releases. They are traditional Stewart compilations and are done quite well. 

The live set begins with “Running Man.” Again here the quality of the mix is very good, as is the sound. “Time Passages,” which is not one of Stewart’s favorites, is much better than the version on Rhymes in Rooms. “Merlin’s Time” is a pleasant tune. 

They kick it up with “If it Doesn’t Come Naturally,” and some of the sax part is what makes it work. “Roads to Moscow” is performed with power, and the Russian theme flowing throughout gives it its atmosphere. “Nostradamus” is also much more dynamic than on the Rhymes in Rooms album and comes across really well. The remaining tracks all live up to a quality live recording as well. 

Al Stewart wrote a lot of excellent, diverse, material in this era. Some were huge hits, others just good album material. Indian Summer brings it all together and it will make a great addition to your collection.

Side A
A1. Here In Angola - 4:37  
A2. Pandora - 4:33  
A3. Indian Summer  (Backing Vocals – Flo & Eddie) - 3:33  
A4. Delia's Gone - 2:47  
A5. Princess Olivia  - 3:21  

Side B
B1. Running Man - 4:43  
B2. Time Passages - 6:26  
B3. Merlin's Time - 2:56  
B4. If It Doesn't Come Naturally, Leave It - 4:27  

Side C
C1. Roads To Moscow - 8:13  
C2. Nostradamus - 13:01  
      (a) Nostradamus - Part One   
      (b) World Goes To Riyadh   
      (c) Nostradamus - Part Two   

Side D
D1. Soho (Needless To Say) - 3:43  
D2. On The Border - 4:46  
D3. Valentina Way - 4:17  
D4. Clarence Frogman Henry - 1:43  
D5. Year Of The Cat - 7:07 

Release:  1981
Format:  2LP (Gatefold)
Genre:  Soft Rock
Label:  Arista Records
Catalog#  A2L 8607

Vinyl:  VG
Cover  G

Prijs:  €14,99

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