August 17, 2012

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Rene & Angela - Street Called Desire (1985)

Artist:  Rene & Angela
Title:  Street Called Desire
Year:  1985
Format:  LP
Label:  Mercury Records
Genre:  Soul, Funk
Catalog#  824607-1

"Street Called Desire" is the fourth and final album by the R&B duo consisting of artist/producers René Moore and Angela Winbush.
René & Angela's obvious enthusiasm and for-real emotions make listening to "Street Called Desire" a pleasure. The uptempo numbers aren't jokes  the throbbing beat on "I'll Be Good" is mind locking, but the two ballads, "You Don't Have to Cry" and "Your Smile," are outstanding. What makes them work is their unpredictability. No particular or predetermined pattern is set. No attempt is made to divide the lines and choruses equally; each singer unselfishly contributes what's necessary. "Smile" is mostly Angela until René repeatedly chants "No other love can light my life, no one can make things right, 'til my baby smiles." René has more juice on "You Don't Have to Cry," matching alternating verses with Angela, who gives an incredible performance on the heart-stopping ballad. René's brother Bobby Watson (formerly of Rufus) co-produced the sides with Bruce Swedien. Due to personal problems and conflicts, the duo called it quits and released no more albums.

Side one
1.  Save Your Love (For #1)  (4:20)
2.  I'll Be Good  (5:14)
3.  No How - No Way  (5:00)
4.  You Don't Have To Cry  (5:53)

Side two
1.  Street Called Desire  (4:40)
2.  Your Smile  (4:26)
3.  Who's Foolin' Who  (5:06)
4.  Drive My Love  (4:09)

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