December 29, 2014

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George Benson - The George Benson Collection (1981)

Artist:  George Benson
Title:  The George Benson Collection
Release:  1981
Format:   2LP
Label:  Warner Bros. Records
Catalog#  WB 66107

“The George Benson Collection” is a compilation album by George Benson, released on the Warner Bros. record label in 1981. The album was a two-record set. In addition to old material, the album featured two new songs, including his #1 R&B hit "Turn Your Love Around". It covers his tenures with A&M Records, CTI Records, and his then-current label Warner Bros. Records.
Of course, the big Warner Bros. vocal hits are here ("This Masquerade," "On Broadway," "Give Me the Night"), plus an artistic triumph like "Moody's Mood," but only one WB instrumental ("Breezin'") can be heard. From Arista, it's strictly pop: "The Greatest Love of All" and the duet with Aretha Franklin, "Love All the Hurt Away." The A&M choices "Last Train to Clarksville" and "Here Comes the Sun" could have been better, but the two CTIs, "White Rabbit" and the great "Cast Your Fate to the Wind," are excellent representatives.

Side One
1.  Turn Your Love Around   (3:51)
2.  Love All the Hurt Way (with Aretha Franklin)  (4:10)
3.  Give Me the Night   (3:43)
4.  Cast Your Fate to the Wind   (6:51)

Side Two
1.  Never Give Up on a Good Thing   (4:06)
2.  On Broadway (Drifters Cover)  (5:18)
3.  White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane Cover)  (6:58)
4.  This Masquerade  (3:19)

Side Three
1.  Love Ballad  (4:17)
2.  Nature Boy  (4:20)
3.  Last Train to Clarksville   (5:01)
4.  Livin' Inside Your Love  (6:38)

Side Four
1.  Here Comes the Sun  (2:33)
2.  Breezin'  (5:39)
3.  Moody's Mood  (3:26)
4.  We Got the Love (with Chaka Khan)  (3:28)
5.  The Greatest Love of All  (5:33)

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December 28, 2014

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Led Zeppelin – The Song Remains The Same (1976)

Artist:   Led Zeppelin
Title:   The Song Remains The Same
Release:   1976
Format:   2LP
Label:   Swan Song
Catalog#   SS 89402

“The Song Remains The Same” is the soundtrack live album of the concert film of the same name by the English rock band Led Zeppelin. The album was originally released in 1976 by Swan Records.
The recording of the album and the film took place during three nights of concerts at New York’s Madison Square Garden, during the band’s 1973 North American tour. All songs were recorded by Eddie Kramer using the Wally Heider Mobile Studio truck, and later mixed at Electric Lady Studios in New York and Trident Studios in London.
It wasn’t as consistent on-stage as it was on record, a half-hour “Dazed and Confused” may be the stuff of legend, but it’s still a chore to get through but the very fact that Led Zeppelin could take things so far is part of their mystique, and nowhere is that penchant of excess better heard than on The Song Remains the Same.

Side One
1.  Rock and Roll  (4:03)
2.  Celebration Day  (3:49)
3.  The Song Remains the Same  (6:00)
4.  Rain Song  (8:25)

Side Two
1.  Dazed and Confused  (26:53)

Side Three
1.  No Quarter  (12:30)
2.  Stairway to Heaven  (10:58)

Side Four
1.  Moby Dick  (12:47)
2.  Whole Lotta Love  (14:25)

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December 24, 2014

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John Travolta - John Travolta (1978)

Artist:  John Travolta
Title:  John Travolta
Release:  1978
Format:  LP
Label:  Midsong International
Catalog#  JT-65000

John Travolta is an American actor, dancer, and singer. Travolta first became known in the 1970s, after appearing on the television series Welcome Back, Kotter and starring in the box office successes Saturday Night Fever and Grease. Travolta's acting career declined through the 1980s. On the 1978 released self titled and compilation album on the Holland Midsong label. Travolta performed several of the songs on the Grease soundtrack album,  “Sandy and Greased Lightnin´.
This album was only released in Holland. 13-track blue vinyl LP in custom picture sleeve with poster.

Side one
1. Greased Lightnin'   (3:12)  
2. I Don't Know What I Like About You Baby   (2:15)  
3. Baby, I Could Be So Good At Lovin' You   (3:08)  
4. Big Trouble   (2:41)  
5. It Had To Be You   (2:34)  
6. Good Night Mr. Moon   (3:18)  
7. Right Time Of The Night   (3:07) 

Side two
1. Sandy   (2:30)  
2. Let Her In   (3:30)  
3. Never Gonna Fall In Love Again   (3:26)  
4. Rainbows   (2:23)  
5. A Girl Like You   (4:55)  
6. Razzamatazz   (3:08) 

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George Harrison - Thirty Three And 1/3 (1976)

Side A
A1.  Woman Don't You Cry For Me  (3:15)
A2.  Dear One  (5:08)
A3.  Beautiful Girl  (3:38)
A4.  This Song  (4:11)
A5.  See Yourself  (2:48)

Side B
B1.  It's What You Value  (5:05)
B2.  True Love  (2:43)
B3.  Pure Smokey  (3:52)
B4.  Crackerbox Palace  (3:52)
B5.  Learning How To Love You  (4:15)

Release:  1976
Label:  Warner Bros. Records
Catalog#  WB 56319

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December 22, 2014

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Roxy Music - Greatest Hits (1977)

Artist:  Roxy Music
Title:  Greatest Hits
Release:  1977
Format:  LP
Label:  Polydor Records
Catalog#  2310575

The first Roxy Music hits collection, released during the hiatus that divided “Siren” from “Manifesto”, was a straightforward rendering of all but one ("Both Ends Burning") of the band's UK hits, buoyed by an intelligent selection of key album tracks - US radio fave "Do The Strand", the pulsating "Editions Of You" and so on.
Divided neatly between the Eno and Eddie Jobson eras of the band, Greatest Hits was most valuable at the time for finally placing "Virginia Plain" and "Pyjamarama" on a British album release (the former was included on the American edition of the band's debut) - hopes that the set might also find room for the string of non-album b-sides that graced the band's 45s were, however, dashed as Greatest Hits went for the commercial, rather than the collectible jugular.
The edited version of "The Thrill of It All" is unique to this release, while the single version (3:20) is available only on 7" 45 RPM single. "Mother of Pearl" is an edit in that it does not crossfade into the next song, as it does on “Stranded”, the album on which it originally appeared.

Side one
1.  Virginia Plain   (2:56)  
2.  Do The Strand   (4:00)  
3.  All I Want Is You   (2:51)  
4.  Out Of The Blue   (4:48)  
5.  Pyjamarama   (2:52)  
6.  Editions Of You   (3:47) 

Side two
1.  Love Is The Drug   (4:07)  
2.  Mother Of Pearl   (6:45)  
3.  A Song For Europe   (5:45)  
4.  The Thrill Of It All   (4:20)  
5.  Street Life   (3:24)

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Earth, Wind & Fire - Electric Universe (1983)

Artist:  Earth, Wind & Fire
Title:  Electric Universe
Release:  1983
Format:  LP
Label:  CBS Records
Catalog#  25775

“Electric Universe” is the thirteenth studio album by Earth, Wind & Fire, released on Columbia Records in November 1983. It was produced by the band's leader Maurice White for Kalimba Productions.
Maurice White responded with a change of direction that proved to be both a commercial and artistic fiasco. Working with very in-demand (and very formula-oriented) studio figures like Martin Page and David Foster, EWF went for a much slicker and more high-tech approach on the weak and disappointing Electric Universe. White saw that synthesizers and drum machines were playing more and more of a role in both R&B and pop, and wanted to acknowledge technology's impact on music with this album. But EWF usually ends up sounding insincere and even sterile. The type of synth-funk that worked so well for the System doesn't work for EWF. A few of the songs are interesting (including "Electric Kingdom" and the single "Magnetic"), but they don't prevent “Electric Universe” from being EWF's weakest album ever. When this release flopped, EWF's members temporarily went their separate ways, with Philip Bailey and Maurice White concentrating on solo careers. 

Side One
1.  Magnetic   (4:17)  
2.  Touch   (4:54)  
3.  Moonwalk   (4:09)  
4.  Could It Be Right   (5:11) 

Side Two
1.  Spirit Of A New World   (4:30)  
2.  Sweet Sassy Lady   (4:11)  
3.  We're Living In Our Own Time   (5:20)  
4.  Electric Nation   (4:34)

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