February 26, 2015

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Kenny Loggins - High Adventure (1983)

Artist:  Kenny Loggins
Title:  High Adventure
Release:  1982
Format:  LP
Label:  CBS Records
Catalog#  85932

“High Adventure” is the fourth solo album by soft rock singer, Kenny Loggins. Released in 1982, it is perhaps best known for its top 40 pop singles "Heart to Heart", "Heartlight" and "Don't Fight It", which was co-written by Journey frontman Steve Perry, who also performs on the track, and Neil Giraldo, Pat Benatar's husband and guitarist is featured on guitars.
After all, the swashbuckling cover to “High Adventure” fits this album, since it finds him relying equally on rockers and melodic pop/rock. The album kicks off with Loggins' hardest-rocking single, "Don't Fight It," a surging arena-rocker duet with Steve Perry. This signals that the rest of the record will be harder than his previous record and that's true to a certain extent, since this doesn't just rock on occasion, it also has his best ballads and mid-tempo charmers. In other words, it's his best album, showcasing all sides of his personality effectively. "Don't Fight It" is a great single, but the best moment here is "Heart to Heart," the second of two pop classics Loggins cut as a solo artist. Here, he has a great mid-tempo groove, a good lyric and an indelible melody that is soft rock at its finest. The rest of the album may not match this height most of the genre didn't but it's all strong (though it's awful strange that "Heartlight," a tribute to the children's foundation Heartlight, has the oddest melody he's ever written an ominous march that just gets creepier when the children's choir pops up at the end). Celebrate Me Home may be more consistent, but this is the most diverse record he ever cut, blessed by fine studio craft and a nice reliance on pseudo-new wave production techniques.

Side one
1.  Don't Fight It (feat. Steve Perry)  (3:36)  
2.  Heartlight  (3:55)  
3.  I Gotta Try  (3:50)  
4.  Swear Your Love  (5:01)  
5.  The More We Try  (3:59) 

Side two
1.  Heart To Heart  (5:30)  
2.  If It's Not What You're Looking For  (4:30)  
3.  It Must Be Imagination  (5:37)  
4.  Only A Miracle  (5:11)

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Alisha - Alisha (1986)

Artist:  Alisha
Title:  Alisha
Release:  1986
Format:  LP
Label:  Vanguard Records
Catalog# 55090

Alisha Ann Itkin (born April 16, 1968, in Brooklyn, New York), is an American freestyle and dance-pop singer.
At age 8, she began receiving vocal lessons and was coaxed into the music business by her parents, who arranged for studio recording sessions and recitals. At age 14, she joined the rock/dance group The Babysitters in Brookyln, and recorded a demo that her parents started shopping to various record companies. Vanguard Records brought the tape to producer Mark S. Berry, who had been looking for a vocalist for what would become Alisha's first single "All Night Passion". Released in February 1984, the single became a club hit, peaking at No. 4 on the Hot Dance Club Songs chart. Berry went on to produce her self-titled debut album, which was released in 1985 on Vanguard Records and included additional club hits "Too Turned On" (No. 6 Hot Dance US) and her biggest single to date, "Baby Talk", which reached No. 1 on the Hot Dance charts in December 1985.

Side one
1. All Night Passion (Original Version)  (6:49)  
2. Stargazing  (5:23)  
3. Baby Talk  (5:37) 

Side two
1. Too Turned On  (6:17)  
2. Boys Will Be Boys  (3:30)  
3. One Little Lie  (4:24)  
4. All Night Passion (Special Album Remix)  (7:00)

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February 24, 2015

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Blondie - Platic Letters (1978)

Artist:  Blondie
Title:  Plastic Letters
Release:  1978
Format:  LP
Label:  Chrysalis Records
Catalog#  511166

“Plastic Letters” is the second studio album by American rock band Blondie, released in February 1978 on Chrysalis Records.
In artistic terms, “Plastic Letters”, Blondie's second album, was a classic example of the sophomore slump. If their debut, Blondie, was a precise update of the early-'60s girl group sound, delivered with an ironic, '70s sensibility, its follow-up seemed to consist of leftovers, the songwriting never emerging from obscurity and pedestrian musical tracks. The production (again courtesy of Richard Gottehrer) was once again bright and sharp, but in the service of inferior material it alone couldn't save the collection. The two exceptions to the general mediocrity were "Denis," a revival of Randy & the Rainbows' 1963 hit "Denise," for which Deborah Harry sang a verse in French to justify the name and gender change, and "(I'm Always Touched by Your) Presence, Dear," written by Gary Valentine, who had left Blondie shortly before the recording of the album. Due to these two songs, the album became a commercial success, at least overseas. British-based Chrysalis Records had bought out Private Stock, giving Blondie greater distribution and more of an international marketing focus. The result was that "Denis" broke them in Europe, nearly topping the U.K. charts and followed into the Top Ten by "(I'm Always Touched by Your) Presence, Dear," with the album also peaking in the Top Ten. In the U.S., Blondie finally charted, making the Top 100. The songwriting problem did not seem to bode well, but they would take a distinctly different approach next time out.

Side one
1.  Fan Mail   (2:35)
2.  Denis   (2:15)  
3.  Bermuda Triangle Blues (Flight 45)   (2:45)  
4.  Youth Nabbed As Sniper   (2:56)  
5.  Contact In Red Square   (1:56)  
6.  (I'm Always Touched) By Your Presence Dear   (2:40)  
7.  I'm On E   (2:12) 

Side two
1.  I Didn't Have The Nerve To Say No   (2:50)  
2.  Love At The Pier   (2:24)  
3.  No Imaginations   (2:54)  
4.  Kidnapper   (2:34)  
5.  Detroit 442   (2:24)  
6.  Cautious Lip   (4:21)

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Neil Diamond - Love At The Greek (1977)

Artist:  Neil Diamond
Title:  Love At The Greek
Release:  1977
Format:  2LP
Label:  CBS Records
Catalog#  95001

“Love at the Greek” is a live double album by Neil Diamond which was released in 1977. It was Diamond's second live album recorded from a concert at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles, and Neil's second album produced by Robbie Robertson of The Band. 
This album was released in conjunction with a television special broadcast of the concert footage that aired in the United States on February 21, 1977. The television special, broadcast on NBC (and simulcast on FM stations nationwide) was also titled "Love At The Greek." The special was nominated for four Emmy Awards.
“Love at the Greek” captures Neil Diamond at the height of his late-'70s excess. Considerably less kinetic and exciting than the previous double-live album “Hot August Night”, “Love at the Greek” finds Diamond at the peak of his powers as a schmaltzy showman, hamming up each of his songs for the audience. It's the kind of performance that will please both dedicated fans, who will love Diamond's no-holds-barred showmanship, as well as listeners with an ear for kitsch, who will no doubt treasure Diamond's immortal introduction "Ladies and gentlemen...the Fonz! Henry Winkler!" on "Song Sung Blue."

Side one
1. Streetlife  (2:00)
2. Kentucky Woman  (1:57)
3. Sweet Caroline  (3:59)
4. The Last Picasso  (4:29)
5. Longfellow Serenade  (4:14)

Side two
1. Beautiful Noise  (3:11)
2. Lady Oh  (4:04)
3. Stargazer  (2:37)
4. If You Know What I Mean  (4:11)
5. Surviving the Life  (4:49)

Side three
1. Glory Road  (3:37)
2. Song Sung Blue  (4:09)
3. Holly Holy  (4:38)
4. Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show  (5:31)

Side four
1. Jonathan Livingston Seagull  (15:43)
    (a) Be
    (b) Dear Father
    (c) Lonely Looking Sky
    (d) Sanctus
    (e) Skybird
    (f) Be (Encore)
2. I've Been This Way Before  (4:56)

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February 23, 2015

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Sharon Redd - Love How You Feel (1984)

Artist:  Sharon Redd
Title:  Love How You Feel
Release: 1984
Format:  LP
Label:  Rams Horn
Catalog#  5065

Songwriters/producers Eric Matthew and Willie Payne continued to work with Sharon Redd for her third and final album, “Love How You Feel”. Much of the preceding “Redd Hot” featured a potent balance between synthetic and organic elements, but this third album further abandons live instrumentation. Redd's voice, almost always a dominant force with a near-huskiness, is diminished on most tracks with a liberal amount of echo and a mixing job that makes her sound distant. Combine this with rhythm programming that often sounds stiff and brittle, and you have an album that seems cold and impersonal in relation to Redd's prior releases. "Love How You Feel" performed well on the club charts, but nothing else resonated with club-goers like any of her previous platters. Even a cover of labelmates D Train's "Something's on Your Mind" narrowly misses the mark. Aside from the title track, there are a couple of good moments, like the slithery, aptly titled "Sweet Sensation." Neither a bad nor a particularly good record by any stroke.

Side one
1.  Activate  (8:30)  
2.  You're A Winner  (6:40)  
3.  Got Ya' Where I Want  (7:26) 

Side two
1.  Liar On The Wire  (5:18)  
2.  Sweet Sensation  (6:30)  
3.  Somebody Save The Night  (6:55)  
4.  Love How You Feel  (4:06)

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Sister Sledge - The Sisters (1982)

Artist:  Sister Sledge
Title:  The Sisters
Release:  1982
Format:  LP
Label:  Cotillion
Catalog#  COT 50853

Keeping to their regular routine of releasing an album a year, Sister Sledge emerged in 1982 with “The Sisters”, their first self-produced effort. Keeping their disco-fied R&B in place, the sisters added a few contemporary kicks to hold their own in a decade fast leaving them behind. The move proved correct, as the group was rewarded with another Top 20 hit. The punchy, horn-heavy, and lightly funky "Super Bad Sisters" not only opens the album in fine style, but also adds a surprising sonic update via a rap from Kenneth and James Williams. Following that feat, though, the rest of the set settles down to soft-edged R&B and mediocre ballads. A less-than-stellar remake of the Mary Wells classic "My Guy" managed to reach number 14 R&B, while a passable duet between Kathy Sledge and David Simmons actually emerges as one of The Sisters' best moments. "Jacki's Theme: There's No Stopping Us," meanwhile, brought the set to a close with its quirky, snap-happy disco grooves. At the end of the day, and despite the fact that it's obvious that the band was still full of good ideas, “The Sisters” just doesn't reach its full potential. It could be that the band was too far out of its time and place, or that it just didn't have enough oomph to keep its edge, or perhaps it just suffered from production jitters. But ultimately, there are far finer ways to sample the remarkable talents of this R&B powerhouse.

Side one
1.  Super Bad Sisters   (4:36)  
2.  My Guy   (3:44)  
3.  Lightfootin'   (3:58)  
4.  My Special Way   (5:02)  
5.  Grandma   (3:48) 

Side two
1.  Get You In Our Love   (3:41)  
2.  Il Maquillage Lady   (4:31)  
3.  Everybody's Friend   (4:31)  
4.  All The Man I Need   (4:39)  
5.  Jacki's Theme: There's No Stopping Us  (4:06) 

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Pointer Sisters - Energy (1979)

Artist:  Pointer Sisters
Title:  Energy
Release:  1979
Format:  LP
Label:  Elektra Records
Catalog#  PL 52107

“Energy” is the fifth studio album by The Pointer Sisters, released in 1978 on the Planet label.
Now linked with veteran rock producer Richard Perry and signed to his new Planet imprint, the Pointer Sisters rebounded from 1977's mediocre Having a Party to blister through “Energy” in late 1978. An absolutely dynamic set of rock standards overflowing with interesting surprises, the LP entered the R&B Top Ten the first time the group had enjoyed that kind of placement in nearly three years. With a scything guitar intro that charged through the opening "Lay It on the Line," the Pointer Sisters thrust themselves into a remarkable spotlight, proving they wouldn't be slotted as just another R&B vocal act. A take on the mid-period Fleetwood Mac classic "Hypnotized" is a wonderfully slow, bluesy groove different, but outstanding in its treatment and probably the best song on the album. Elsewhere, "Happiness" is a fine clash of guitar and disco backbeats and "As I Come of Age" (written by Stephen Stills) emerges as one of the album's quieter moments. It was their fair, but not great, cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Fire," though, that gave them their biggest hit, reaching number two on the pop charts in early 1979. Although there are some patchy moments to be found, Energy was a fresh introduction to a new look for the Pointer Sisters. Confident in themselves and in the process finding their stride, they crossed over to the mainstream, arriving in style and settling in for another decade.

Side one
1.  Lay It On the Line  (3:16)
2.  Dirty Work  (3:33)
3.  Hypnotized  (5:02)
4.  As I Come of Age  (2:42)
5.  Come and Get Your Love  (3:40)

Side two
1.  Happiness  (4:19)
2.  Fire  (3:41)
3.  Angry Eyes  (2:42)
4.  Echoes of Love  (3:06)
5.  Everybody Is a Star (Sly Stone)  (3:15)

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February 22, 2015

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Baccara - Baccara (1977)

Artist:  Baccara
Title:  Baccara
Release: 1977
Format:  LP
Label: CNR Records
Catalog#  655070

Baccara is the debut studio album by Spanish duo Baccara, first released on RCA Victor in West Germany in 1977. It contains the European hit singles "Yes Sir I Can Boogie" and "Sorry I'm A Lady".
Baccara is a female vocal duo formed in 1977 by Spanish artists Mayte Mateos (7 February 1951, Logroño) and María Mendiola (4 April 1952, Madrid). The pair rapidly achieved international success with their debut single "Yes Sir, I Can Boogie", which reached number one across much of Europe and is one of the best-selling singles of all time. A successful follow-up single ("Sorry, I'm a Lady") and European tour led to release a self-titled album, written and produced by Soja and Dostal, was released. The album was the first platinum selling album.

Side one
1.  Yes Sir, I Can Boogie  (4:29)  
2.  Love You Till I Die  (4:26)  
3.  Granada  (4:17)  
4.  Gimme More  (3:50)  
5.  Koochie-Koo  (4:04) 

Side two
1.  Sorry, I'm A Lady  (3:37)  
2.  Cara Mia  (2:53)  
3.  Feel Me  (4:20)  
4.  Can't Help Falling In Love  (3:26)  
5.  Number One  (2:37)  
6.  Don't Play Me A Symphonie  (4:17)

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February 17, 2015

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38 Special - Wild-Eyed Southern Boys (1981)

Artist:  38 Special
Title:  Wild-Eyed Southern Boys
Release: 1981
Format:  LP
Label:  A&M Records
Catalog#  AMHL 64835

“Wild-Eyed Southern Boys” is the fourth studio album by the southern rock band 38 Special, released in 1981.
Building on the bandmembers' own personal accomplishments that came from the “Rockin' Into the Nigh”t album, .38 Special released an even stronger bunch of songs a year later with “Wild-Eyed Southern Boys”. Focusing on the same Southern-based rock & roll formula, the efforts from Southern Boys contain a little more guitar zing while complementing the band's ability to produce marketable radio music. "Hold on Loosely," with its smooth vocal stride, managed to peak at number 27 in April of 1981, giving 38 Special its first Top 40 single, and the title track, "Honky Tonk Dancer," and "Back Alley Sally" keep a homespun flavor alive and well, indicating that the band's Southern roots haven't been dismissed completely. Even though the bulk of the tracks lean toward .38 Special's rootin'-tootin' good-time persona, tracks such as "Fantasy Girl" and "First Time Around" reveal a stronger regard for producing catchy and approachable rock & roll tunes. It's on “Wild-Eyed Southern Boys” that 38 Special seemed more confident, harnessing a distinct guitar rock sound that enabled the group to distinguish itself from other FM rock bands. Cracking the Top 20 on the album charts and eventually reaching platinum status, “Wild-Eyed Southern Boys” marked the onset of the band's success throughout the course of the decade.

Side one
1.  Hold On Loosely  (4:39)
2.  First Time Around  (3:59)
3.  Wild-Eyed Southern Boys  (4:18)
4. Back Alley Sally  (3:11)
5.  Fantasy Girl  (4:06)

Side two
1.  Hittin' and Runnin'  (4:55)
2.  Honky Tonk Dancer  (4:59)
3.  Throw Out the Line  (3:45)
4.  Bring It On  (5:38)

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Mirage - Jack The Mix 88 (The Best Of) (1988)

Artist:  Mirage
Title:  Jack The Mix 88 (The Best Of)
Release: 1988
Format:  LP
Label:  K West 
Catalog#  KWEST 2028

Mirage was a dance act who produced albums & singles of medleys of the latest chart hits. Released in 1988. Mirage released numerous megamixes during the eighties. Many of them were produced by Nigel Wright, sometimes together with Nigel Stock, John Davies  & Robin Sellars. Mirage's vocalists included Kiki Billy, Nicos Griffiths and Carlos Griffiths.

Side one - Jack Mix I, II And III Segue Remix (Its So Fresh)  20:06 
1.01  Showing Out   
1.02  Respectable   
1.03  Jack Your Body   
1.04  Whenever You're Ready   
1.05  Who's That Girl   
1.06  Male Stripper   
1.07  Ain't Nothing But A House Party   
1.08  Funky Town   
1.09  Jive Talkin'   
1.10  Heartache   
1.11  Jackin'   
1.12  If I Say Yes   
1.13  We'll Be Right Back   
1.14  Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now   
1.15  Living In A Box   
1.16  Can U Dance   
1.17  Goodbye Stranger   
1.18  I Heard A Rumour   
1.19  Axel F.   
1.20  Causing A Commotion   
1.21  The Jack That House Built   
1.22  La Bamba   
1.23  La Isla Bonita   
1.24  I Love My Radio   
1.25  Do It Properly   
1.26  Big Fun   
1.27  I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)   
1.28  House Nation   
1.29  Casanova   
1.30  Let Youself Go   
1.31  Stop Bajon... Primavera   
1.32  The Opera House   
1.33  Full Metal Jacket (I Wanna Be)   
1.34  When Smokey Sings   
1.35  Star Trekkin'   
1.36  You Keep Me Hanging On   
1.37  Open Your Heart   
1.38  I Found Lovin'   
1.39  I.O.U.   
1.40  Southern Freeez   
1.41  Underwater  

Side two - Serious Mix, Jack Mix VI, IV And V Segue Remix (This Is A Journey Into Sound)  19:30 
2.01  Serious   
2.02  Surrender   
2.03  What's It To Ya   
2.04  Roadblock   
2.05  Nasty   
2.06  Keep Your Eye On Me   
2.07  Word Up   
2.08  Lost In Emotion   
2.09  Fake   
2.10  C'est La Vie   
2.11  Back & Forth   
2.12  Mr Sleaze   
2.13  French Kissin' In The USA   
2.14  Whishing Well   
2.15  Diamonds   
2.16  What Have You Done For Me Lately   
2.17  Looking For A New Love   
2.18  Close (To The Edit)   
2.19  Mr Manic & Sister Cool   
2.20  You Sexy Thing   
2.21  Dominoes   
2.22  Chicago Song   
2.23  Paid In Full   
2.24  Le Freak   
2.25  Pump Up The Volume   
2.26  Call Me   
2.27  System Of Survival   
2.28  F.L.M.   
2.29  Bad   
2.30  Don't Stop (Jammin')   
2.31  Walk The Dinosaur   
2.32  Girls Can Jak Too   
2.33  So Emotional   
2.34  Irresistable   
2.35  Whenever You Need Somebody   
2.36  My Love Is Guaranteed   
2.37  Put The Needle To The Record   
2.38  The Real Thing   
2.39  Toy Boy   
2.40  Love In The First Degree   
2.41  Criticize   
2.42  Dinner With Gershwin   
2.43  Beethoven (I Love To Listen To)   
2.44  Oops Upside Your Head   
2.45  House Nation   
2.46  Mony Mony   
2.47  Never Can Say Goodbye

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Aerosmith - Done With Mirrors (1985)

Artist:  Aerosmith
Title:  Done With Mirrors
Release: 1985
Format:  LP
Label:  Geffen Records
Catalog#  GHS 24091

“Done with Mirrors” is the eighth studio album by American rock band Aerosmith, released November 9, 1985. The release marked the return to the band of guitarists Joe Perry, who had left the group in 1979, and Brad Whitford, who had left the band in 1981. It was also the band's first album released by Geffen Records. It was intended as their "comeback" album, and while it got good reviews during its release, it did not live up to commercial expectations.
In keeping with the title, all the text on the original releases of the album was written back-to-front, and could be read normally by holding it up to a mirror. All subsequent releases flip the artwork so that it can be read without a mirror, and also add the band's logo.
The title is a double entendre, referring both to illusions that are "done with mirrors", as well as members of the band quitting their drug use (such as cocaine, which is traditionally snorted off of a mirror).
In an interview, Brad Whitford revealed that Ted Templeman wanted to capture the band's aggressive "out of control freight train" sound by removing the red light that indicated that the band was recording (a technique he used to capture Van Halen's sound). He informed the band to run through the songs in the studio and recorded them without the band's knowledge. Whitford referred to the nerves generated when knowingly recording songs as "the red light blues".
Joey Kramer, who was a guest on VH1 Classic's That Metal Show, expressed his dislike of Done with Mirrors, claiming that the band "never really finished it".[6] Joe Perry was similarly dismissive of Done with Mirrors in an interview with Noisecreep, stating that he "really didn't like [the album].

Side one
1. Let the Music Do the Talking  (3:48)
2. My Fist Your Face  (4:23)
3. Shame on You  (3:22)
4. The Reason a Dog  (4:13)

Side two
1. Shela  (4:25)
2. Gypsy Boots  (4:16)
3. She's on Fire  (3:47)
4. The Hop  (3:45)

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Matchbox - Matchbox (1979)

Artist:  Matchbox
Title:  Matchbox
Release:  1979
Format:  LP
Label:  Magnet Records
Catalog#  1A 062-63514

Matchbox is an English rockabilly band that formed in 1971, by Iain "Houndog" Terry, Fred Poke, Jimmy Redhead and Wiffle Smith. After 1978, the line-up consisted of Graham Fenton (lead vocalist), Steve Bloomfield (lead guitar, vocals), Gordon Scott (rhythm guitar), Fred Poke (bass guitar) and Jimmy Redhead (drums). Redhead had left in 1973, Smith in 1977 and Lupton in 1978 to tour with Chuck Berry. Dick Callan joined Matchbox on guitar, saxophone and violin until approximately 1985, writing many of the band's B-sides.
Their third album “Matchbox” (1979) delivered the band's biggest hits include: "Rockabilly Rebel"  and “Buzz Buzz A Diddle It”.

Side one
1.  Rockabilly Rebel  (2:44)  
2.  Buzz Buzz A Diddle It  (2:46)  
3.  Seventeen  (2:13)  
4.  Tell Me How  (2:02)  
5.  Hurricane  (2:50)  
6.  Everybody Needs A Little Love  (2:46) 

Side two
1.  Rockin' At The Ritz  (2:49)  
2.  Hi-Fly Woman  (2:36)  
3.  Love Is Going Out Of Fashion  (2:33)  
4.  Poor Boy  (2:30)  
5.  Lord Mr Ford  (3:21)  
6.  Black Slacks  (2:40)

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February 16, 2015

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New Music - From A To B (1980)

Artist:  New Musik
Title:  From A To B
Release:  1980
Format:  LP
Label:  GTO Records
Catalog#  GTLP 041

New Musik’s debut album, “From A to B”, is one of the best and most influential electronic LPs of the ’80s. Its keyboards may sound dated, but there’s a freshness to these charming, unpretentious songs that hasn’t been spoiled by technological advances in computerized instrumentation. Many new wave revivalists have attempted to capture the nerdy vocals and quirky synthesized bleeps of “From A to B” and failed. This record is a product of its time, recorded when keyboards were viewed as eventually replacing guitar and bass as rock & roll tools. While many synth pop groups became mired in existential woe to show that they had emotions underneath the layers of Casio hiccups, New Musik is having a blast on “From A to B”. “With robot precision/We’re gonna be doin’ just fine,” sings Tony Mansfield (guitars, keyboards, vocals) with geek sincerity on the exhilarating “Straight Lines.” Like Kraftwerk, New Musik uses keyboards to create moods and not just to make feet move. The tracks on the LP are structured like traditional pop songs. There are no love ditties, but tracks like the soaring “On Islands” generate warmth and the group often utilizes acoustic strumming to prevent everything from seeming too mechanical. “Science” is nerdy sci-fi dance music years before Thomas Dolby.

Side one
1.  Straight Lines  (5:12)
2.  Sanctuary  (4:12)
3.  A Map Of You  (3:50)
4.  Science  (3:20)
5.  On Islands  (4:24)

Side two
1.  This World Of Water  (3:37)
2.  Living By Numbers  (3:28)
3.  Dead Fish (Don’t Swim Home)  (5:24)
4.  Adventures  (3:52)
5.  The Safe Side  (3:09)

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Meco - Encounters Of Every Kind (1978)

Artist:  Meco
Title:  Encounters Of Every Kind
Release:  1978
Format:  LP
Label:  RCA Records
Catalog#  XL-13050

“Encounters Of Every Kind” is an album by Meco, released in 1978. It was recorded after the success of Meco’s platinum-selling album “Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk”, and in a similar fashion to that album, contained disco-styled interpretations of the original score from the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The album contains two sides of linked songs. The orchestra, by the way, is made up of top session musicians (like Will Lee, Alan Shulman and Tom Malone) and even includes Randy Brecker. The theme of this album is the “Meco Time Machine,” which leads Meco and the listener through several epochs of time and space. “In the Beginning,” we’re thrown right into a prehistoric (as a matter of fact, 1, 348, 264 B.C.) setting, with furious pterodactyls sweeping across the sky. Next stop is “Roman Nights” (45 B.C.), at an orgy in the Senate Bath House with fanfares (the liner notes meticulously describe the whole travel). Then we’re led to 1690 A.D., meeting “Lady Marion” in Sherwood Forest; this one sounds more like a classic Star Trek episode, but chirping birds are all around us. We’re “Icebound” in the 1880 A.D. Antarctic next, with chillingly cold wind and creepy strings, but we’ll quickly reach the next era on our agenda, “Hot in the Saddle,” in 1881, invoking visions of “Bonanza,” complete with gunshots, Indians, arrows and the cavalry.
Side two of the record presents the two most hilarious tracks; one is a rendition of “Crazy Rhythm” loungey swing in 1926 Chicago, not omitting the sudden raid by a couple of machine-gun-toting gangsters. In 1952's Johnsonburg, we’re exposed to an unbelievable version of “Topsy” (yes, that Topsy), with “Smurfy” vocals by an alien family. Back to the present; we’re watching the city from the top of the Millennium Building while listening to “Meco’s Theme” might be a forgotten soundtrack to an equally forgotten ’70s cop TV series. Lastly, we’re heading right for the future, climbing atop Devil’s Tower, Wyoming, to experience “Close Encounters” (of the Third Kind, of course); supported by a rendition of John Williams’ famous theme. A product of its time, and a rather silly one too, but actually very clever and inventive at the same time.

Side one
1.  Time Machine  (0:43)
2.  In the Beginning  (3:27)
3.  Roman Nights  (1:26)
4.  Lady Marion  (2:52)
5.  Icebound  (1:20)
6.  Hot in the Saddle  (4:27)

Side two
1.  Time Machine  (0:15)
2.  Crazy Rhythm  (3:49)
3.  Topsy  (3:33)
4.  Meco’s Theme/3w.57  (5:32)
5.  Theme from ‘Close Encounters’  (4:21)

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Rory Gallagher - Live In Europe (1972)

Artist:  Rory Gallagher
Release:  Live In Europe
Format:  LP
Label:  Polydor Records
Catalog#  2383112

“Live! in Europe” is an album released by Irish Blues guitarist Rory Gallagher in 1972. As the title suggests, it is a series of live recordings made by Gallagher during his European tour.
The album captures Rory Gallagher at his finest, as he tears his way through many of his very best songs.
Rory’s high-octane blues-rock was well suited for the stage, a fact to which anyone who saw him in concert or has heard this or other live albums like “Irish Tour ’74? and “Stage Struck” can attest. The set kicks off with two rockers, Junior Wells’ “Messin’ With the Kid” and the original “Laundromat”, before Gallagher slows down for “I Could’ve Had Religion” and Blind Boy Fuller’s “Pistol Slapper Blues”. The pace quickens for “Going to My Home Town”, a showcase for some fierce mandolin playing with enthusiastic audience participation, and the rocking boogie of “In Your Town”. “Bullfrog Blues” provides the finale during which the other two thirds of the power trio, bassist Gerry McAvoy and drummer Wilgar Campbell, get to solo for the appreciative crowd.

Side one
1.  Messin’ With the Kid  (6:25)
2.  Laundromat  (5:12)
3.  I Could’ve Had Religion  (8:35)
4.  Pistol Slapper Blues  (2:54)

Side two
1.  Going to My Hometown  (5:46)
2.  In Your Town  (10:03)
3.  Bullfrog Blues  (6:47)

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Barry Manilow - If I Should Love Again (1981)

Artist:   Barry Manilow
Title:  If I Should Love Again
Release:  1981
Format:  LP
Label:  Arista Records
Catalog#  204050

“If I Should Love Again” is the eighth studio album released by singer and songwriter Barry Manilow. The album was recorded at United Western Recording Studios in Los Angeles, California. Barry refers to it as “The most romantic album that I ever made”, and remarks “I was so caught up in romance that I actually wrote music and lyrics to the title song while playing the piano facing the ocean, in a rented house on the beach in Atlantic City, New Jersey.” The album was released in 1981.
“If I Should Love Again” is classic Barry Manilow and yielded three Top 40 hits, “The Old Songs, “Somewhere Down the Road,” and the bright “Let’s Hang On.
 Though those singles aren’t often considered classics in his oeuvre, they and most of this album are shamelessly well-crafted adult contemporary, “Break Down the Door” and “I Haven’t Changed the Room” being inoffensive exceptions. “No Other Love” is a swoony, romantic ballad (with strong lyrics like “There were no violins, there were no soft guitars, time comes and goes like music in a play”) that plays out exactly as it should, so that you can’t imagine there being another way to produce it. Turning “Somewhere Down the Road” from a melancholy piano ballad to an anthem shows that Manilow’s in fine form. The song becomes so inspirational you almost want to salute the flag.

Side one
1.  The Old Songs  (4:43)
2.  Let’s Hang On  (3:12)
3.  If I Should Love Again  (5:33)
4.  Don’t Fall in Love with Me  (3:39)
5.  Break Down the Door  (3:04)

Side two
1.  Somewhere Down the Road  (4:00)
2.  No Other Love  (4:36)
3.  Fools Get Lucky  (4:11)
4.  I Haven’t Changed the Room  (2:16)
5.  Let’s Take All Night (to Say Goodbye)  (3:36)

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Soundtrack - E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1983)

Artist:  Soundtrack
Title:  E.T.
Release:  1983
Format:  LP
Label:  MCA Records
Catalog#  204889

“E.T”. the Extra-Terrestrial: Music from the Original Soundtrack is an album containing John Williams' score for the 1982 Steven Spielberg film of the same name.
The original soundtrack issue was a recording of concert arrangements based on the film's music. The score was recorded in Los Angeles, and thus not using the London Symphony Orchestra.
On the track "The Magic of Halloween," when E.T. sees a child wearing a Yoda costume, John Williams included a portion of Yoda's theme, which he had composed for The Empire Strikes Back in 1980.

Side one
1. Three Million Light Years From Earth   (2:57)  
2. Abandoned And Pursued   (2:58)  
3. E.T. And Me   (4:49)  
4. E.T.'s Halloween   (4:07)  
5. Flying   (3:20) 

Side two
1. E.T. Phone Home   (4:18)  
2. Over The Moon   (2:06)  
3. Adventure On Earth   (15:06)

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Midnight Star - Headlines (1986)

Artist:  Midnight Star
Title:  Headlines
Release:  1987
Format:  LP
Label:  Solar Records
Catalog#  SOLLP 3602

“Headlines” is the sixth album released by R&B group Midnight Star. Released in 1986.
This was the last album to feature the Calloway brothers who would leave the group due to irreconcilable differences with the other members.
They had reached their peak and cranked out three solid R&B hits, among them the title track, "Midas Touch," and "Engine No. 9." Everything clicked, from the production and arrangements to the hook-filled lyrics and exuberant, if at times bland, vocals. But evidently the Calloways figured they had done all they could do with Midnight Star.

Side one
1.  Headlines  (7:49)
2.  Midas Touch  (5:00)
3.  Stay Here By My Side  (4:40)
4.  Close To Midnight  (4:33)

Side two
1.  Get Dressed  (4:58)
2.  Engine No. 9  (5:23)
3.  Close Encounter  (4:20)
4.  Dead End  (4:24)
5.  Searching For Love  (5:01)

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Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Laughter (1981)

Artist:  Ian Dury & The Blockheads
Title:  Laughter
Release: 1981
Format:  LP
Label:  Stiff Records
Catalog#  Seez 30

“Laughter” is the second studio album by Ian Dury & The Blockheads; released in 1980, it was the last studio album Dury made for Stiff Records. It was also the last studio album he made with The Blockheads.
Working with lead guitarist Wilko Johnson (Dr. Feelgood), Ian Dury gradually moves away from disco with the album, “Laughter”. The steady dance pulse is still apparent, but it's balanced by rockers and pub singalongs that give the album more depth. That doesn't necessarily make it a better album, however. Dury's humor is at its most basic, as the titles of "Uncoolohol," "(Take Your Elbow out of the Soup) You're Sitting on the Chicken," "Oh Mr. Peanut," and "Fucking Ada" indicate, and his lyrics aren't quite as stunningly fluid as before. Still, the record is fun, and "Superman's Big Sister," "Yes & No (Paula)," and "Over the Points" are pretty infectious.

Side one
1.  Superman's Big Sister  (2:29)  
2.  Pardon  (2:38)  
3.  Delusions Of Grandeur  (2:42)  
4.  Yes & No (Paula)  (3:06)  
5.  Dance Of The Crackpots  (2:35)  
6.  Over The Points  (4:06) 

Side two
1.  (Take Your Elbow Out Of The Soup You're Sitting On The Chicken)  (2:32)  
2.  Uncoolohol  (3:04)  
3.  Hey, Hey, Take Me Away  (2:26)  
4.  Manic Depression (Jimi)  (3:51)  
5.  Oh Mr Peanut  (3:28)  
6.  Fucking Ada  (5:56)

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February 11, 2015

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Simple Minds - Sparkle In The Rain (1984)

Artist:  Simple Minds
Title:  Sparkle In The Rain
Release:  1984
Format:  LP
Label:  Virgin
Catalog#  V2300

Scotland's Simple Minds get creative and passionate on Sparkle in the Rain, their sixt album released prior to their mid-'80s heyday of heralding the charts. Produced by Steve Lillywhite. “Sparkle in the Rain” marks the band's best effort thus far, capturing thick seascapes of illustrious lyrical visions. Frontman Jim Kerr's anthemic love songs are political and personal, and synth-beats throb over Charlie Burchill's new wave third-chord guitars and swooning basslines. Songs like "Waterfront" and "Book of Brilliant Things" are finely cut tracks with Simple Minds' signature harking, but the glossy verse behind "Up on the Catwalk" is what's most appealing. Piano vibes are pinch-hitting and Kerr's songwriting thrives on celebrity and the falling grace that coincides that. “Sparkle in the Rain” is a glimpse of what's to come from Simple Minds. Kerr's heart-wrenching vocals soar and such emotion only leads to earning a global following. Simple Minds will touch hearts by stripping their soul.

Side one
1.  Up On The Catwalk  (4:45)
2.  Book Of Brilliant Things  (4:21)
3.  Speed Your Love To Me  (4:24)
4.  Waterfront  (7:26)
5.  East At Easter  (3:32)

Side two
1.  Street Hassle  (5:14)
2.  White Hot Day  (4:32)
3.  "C" Moon Cry Like A Baby  (4:19)
4.  The Kick Inside Of Me  (4:48)
5.  Shake Off The Ghosts  (3:57)

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Julien Clerc - No.7 (1975)

Artist:  Julien Clerc
Title:  No.7
Release:  1976
Format:  LP
Label:  EMI
Catalog# 5C 062-14242

“No. 7” is the seventh studio album by Julien Clerc released in 1975, he was also appointed “This melody”. It is the last album where lyricists are still exclusively Étienne Roda-Gil and Maurice Vallet. They write 5 songs each. This is the only time where Maurice Vallet composed so many songs on the same album. This album is an ode to the separation and the emotions felt. The first title of the a-side, “Souffrir Par Toi N'est Pas Souffrir” is a song commissioned at Étienne Roda-Gil, dedicated to France Gall after his break with Julien Clerc, petition for a possible return, but without really believing. Julien Clerc lived with her from 1970 to 1975. In November 1967, Claude François, for the same reasons, had composed the music and lyrics of as usual with Jacques Revaux and Gilles Thibaut.
In Holland the first single taken from this album was “Elle Voulait Qu'on L'Appelle Venise”
The second single, “This melody”, true declaration of love, with side B, “Dors Bien”.

Side one
1.  Souffrir Par Toi N'est Pas Souffrir  (3:43)  
2.  Prends Ton Coeur Par La Main  (3:18)  
3.  Une Journee Pour Rien  (3:44)  
4.  Dors Bien  (3:57)  
5.  Les Cafards  (2:48) 

Side two
1.  This Melody  (4:10)  
2.  Bien Longtemps Apres  (3:14)  
3.  Je Voyage  (4:30)  
4.  Elle Voulait Qu'on L'Appelle Venise  (3:00)  
5.  Just Comme Un Enfant  (3:32)

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February 09, 2015

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Smokey Robinson - Yes, It´s You Lady (1982)

Artist:  Smokey Robinson
Title:  Yes, It´s You Lady
Release:  1982
Format:  LP
Label:  Motown
Catalog#   542017

Surprisingly, having scored his biggest solo success with the self-penned, self-produced “Being with You”, Smokey Robinson turned to an outside producer and outside writers for the followup. Both of the singles from “Yes It's You Lady”, which was produced by George Tobin, "Tell Me Tomorrow" and "Old Fashioned Love" were mid-tempo rhythm numbers written by Gary Goetzman and Mike Piccirillo. Robinson's own compositions, notably the title track, which would have made a perfect follow-up to "Being with You," were de-emphasized. The result was a retreat from the careful career-building Robinson had been engaged in since 1979.

Side one
1.  Tell Me Tomorrow   (6:25)  
2.  Yes It's You Lady   (4:43)  
3.  Old Fashioned Love   (3:12)  
4.  Are You Still Here   (2:33) 

Side two
1.  The Only Game In Town   (4:50)  
2.  International Baby   (4:07)  
3.  Merry Go Ride   (5:31)  
4.  I'll Try Something New   (3:34)  
5.  Destiny   (3:48)

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February 08, 2015

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Shakatak - Drivin´ Hard (1981)

Artist:  Shakatak
Title:  Drivin´ Hard
Release:  1981
Format:  LP
Label:  Polydor
Catalog#  2383635

British jazz-funk combo Shakatak formed in London in 1980. Originally comprising keyboardists Bill Sharpe and Nigel Wright, guitarist Keith Winter, bassist Steve Underwood, and drummer Roger Odell, the group quickly scored an underground hit with its debut single "Steppin'," cracking the British Top 50 the following year with the singles "Livin' in the UK" and "Brazilian Dawn." From Their debut album “Drivin' Hard”, released in May 1981 on the Polydor label.

Side one
1.  Easier Said Than Done  (6:09)
2.  Livin' In The UK   (5:45)  
3.  Toot The Shoot   (4:00)  
4.  Lumiere   (4:14)  
5.  Late Night Flight   (3:58)  
6.  Waves   (1:38) 

Side two
1. Steppin' (Live)   (6:27)  
2. Into nThe Night  (4:36)
2  Covina   (4:46)  
3  You Never Know   (5:10)  
4. Brazilian Dawn   (6:33)

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Echo & The Bunnymen - Porcupine (1983)

Artist:  Echo & The Bunnymen
Title:  Porcupine
Release:  1983
Format:  LP
Label:  Korova
Catalog#  240027-1

“Porcupine” is the third studio album by the British post-punk band Echo & the Bunnymen.
The group's third album is a solid outing, a noticeably better listen than its predecessor, “Heaven Up Here”. Songs are intriguing and elaborate, often featuring swooping, howling melodic lines. Arrangements here owe a lot to 1960s psychedelia and feature lots of reverb, washed textures, intricate production touches, and altered guitar sounds. Ian McCulloch's vocals are yearning, soaring, and hyper-expressive here, almost to the point of being histrionic, most notably on "Clay," "Ripeness," and the title track. Driving bass and drums lend the songs urgency and keep the music from collapsing into self-indulgence. Parallels between the group's U.S. contemporaries such as Translator, Wire Train, and R.E.M. can be drawn, though all seem to have developed aspects of this style at about the same time -- and none utilize it as flamboyantly as the Bunnymen do. Highlights here include "Back of Love" (with its galloping drumbeat and fragmented yet ardent vocal line) and "Gods Will Be Gods" (which gradually speeds up from beginning to end, working itself into a swirling frenzy).

Side one
1.  The Cutter  (3:50)  
2.  Back Of Love  (3:12)  
3.  My White Devil  (4:30)  
4.  Clay  (4:10)  
5.  Porcupine  (5:55) 

Side two
1.  Heads Will Roll  (3:28)  
2.  Ripeness  (4:46)  
3.  Higher Hell  (5:00)  
4.  Gods Will Be Gods  (4:10)  
5.  In Bluer Skies  (5:55)

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February 05, 2015

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Journey - Captured (1981)

Artist:  Journey
Title:  Captured
Release:  1981
Format:  2LP
Label:  CBS Records
Catalog#  88525

“Captured” is the title of Journey's first live album. Recorded during their Departure tour, it was released in February 1981 on the Columbia Records label.
This album was recorded during the band's "Departure" tour in 1980. Tracks  were taken from a performance recorded at The Forum in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on August 8, 1980, at the end of the tour in Koseinenkin Hall, Shinjyuku, Tokyo, Japan on October 13, 1980, at Cobo Hall in Detroit, Michigan on August 4 & 5th 1980. The song "Dixie Highway", had not previously been recorded on a Journey album. Closing the album is the lone studio track, "The Party's Over (Hopelessly in Love)", which was released as a single.

Side one
1.  Majestic   (0:41)
2.  Where Were You   (3:22)
3.  Just The Same Way   (3:37)
4.  Line Of Fire   (3:25)
5.  Lights   (3:30)
6.  Stay Awhile   (3:15)

Side two
1.  Too Late   (3:44)
2.  Dixie Highway   (6:51)
3.  Feeling That Way   (3:14)
4.  Anytime   (4:27)

Side three
1.  Do You Recall   (3:26)
2.  Walks Like A Lady   (7:05)
3.  La Do Da   (7:02)

Side four
1.  Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'   (5:14)
2.  Wheel In The Sky   (5:03)
3.  Any Way You Want It   (3:39)
4.  The Party's Over (Hopelessly In Love) [studio recording]  (3:43)

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Patti Austin - Every Home Should Have One (1983)

Artist:  Patti Austin
Title:  Every Home Should Have One
Release:  1981
Format:  LP
Label:  QWEST Records
Catalog#  QW 56931

“Every Home Should Have One” is a studio album by R&B/jazz singer Patti Austin. Released on Qwest Records in 1981, it includes the number-one hit duet with James Ingram, "Baby Come to Me",
The talented Patti Austin launched a successful jazz album career on CTI by the mid-'70s. Working with Quincy Jones since 1976, “Every Home Should Have One” was her long-awaited solo album with Jones as a producer. The hit singles "Do You Love Me" and "Every Home Should Have One" are polished pleasing but derivative. Rod Temperton who did four songs here, including the smooth "The Genie" comes up with a true gem, the classic Austin and James Ingram duet "Baby Come to Me." The most telling aspect of “Every Home Should Have One” isn't the L.A. pop/R&B Austin could do standing on her head, it's the most meditative offerings. A cover of Thom Bell and Linda Creed's "Stop, Look and Listen" gets an effortless treatment. The album-closing "The Island," with music from Ivan Lins and Vitor Martins and lyrics by Alan and Marilyn Bergman, seems best suited for Austin as she gives a sensual and flawless reading. “Every Home Should Have One” doesn't possess Quincy Jones' all-encompassing production style of albums like “The Dude” and George Benson's “Give Me the Night”. While this seems like a debut album, it's far from it, but it's a perfect introduction to Austin and her more pop-orientated work.

Side one
1.  Do You Love Me  (3:24)
2.  Love Me to Death  (4:08)
3.  The Way I Feel  (4:19)
4.  Every Home Should Have One  (3:24)
5.  Baby, Come to Me (duet with James Ingram)  (3:31)

Side two
1.  The Genie  (3:57)
2.  Stop, Look, Listen  (3:06)
3.  Symphony of Love  (3:39)
4.  Oh No Margarita  (3:52)
5.  The Island  (3:46)

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February 04, 2015

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John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Milk And Honey (1984)

“Milk and Honey” is an album credited to John Lennon and Yoko Ono released in 1984. It is Lennon's eighth and final studio album, and the first posthumous release of Lennon's music, having been recorded in the last months of his life during and following the sessions for their 1980 album Double Fantasy. It was assembled by Yoko Ono in association with the Geffen label.
It took Ono three years to be able to resume work to complete it. Ono's material largely comprises new recordings, which she undertook during the album's preparation in 1983, which give her songs a more commercial and contemporary edge. Conversely, Lennon's material, being rough takes and rehearsal recordings, has a more casual feeling.
The sessions for 1980's “Double Fantasy” were supposed to yield two albums, the second to be released at a future time, but Lennon's assassination tragically halted the project in its tracks. A bit over three years later, Yoko Ono issued tapes of many of the songs planned for that album under the title “Milk and Honey”, laid out in the same John-Yoko-John-Yoko dialogue fashion as its predecessor. Not unexpectedly, it's a rougher, less polished product, lacking the finishing touches and additional takes that Lennon most likely would have called for. Nevertheless, Lennon's songs at this point in their development were often quite strong, tougher than those on “Double Fantasy” in general, and the ad libs and studio chatter that might not have made the final cut give us more of a glimpse of Lennon's delightfully quirky personality. "Nobody Told Me," the advance single off the album, is a rollicking, quizzical piece of work, maybe the best thing to come out of John's 1980 sessions, despite the unfinished-sounding transition to the chorus. "Borrowed Time," another single, is a thoughtful, sparely worded meditation on growing older attached to a Caribbean beat. Yoko's contributions, while not as strong as John's, are surprisingly listenable the reggae-based "Don't Be Scared," in particular and more current in texture, and her lyrics do tend to answer John's songs. As the album comes toward the close, the tone turns sentimental, culminating with one of John's loveliest tunes, "Grow Old With Me," as presented on a home-recorded cassette in lieu of a studio recording. The ironies of this song and some of the other Lennon material are obviously poignant in the light of the cruel events of December 8, 1980; that and the fact that these songs haven't been as exposed as much as those on “Double Fantasy” lead some to prefer this sequel.

Side one
1.  John Lennon - I'm Stepping Out  (4:05)  
2.  Yoko Ono - Sleepless Night  (2:33)  
3.  John Lennon - I Don't Wanna Face It  (3:21)  
4.  Yoko Ono - Don't Be Scared  (2:44)  
5.  John Lennon - Nobody Told Me  (3:35)  
6.  Yoko Ono - O'Sanity  (1:04) 

Side two
1.  John Lennon - Borrowed Time  (4:30  
2.  Yoko Ono - Your Hands  (3:04)  
3.  John Lennon - (Forgive Me) My Little Flower Princess  (2:28)  
4.  Yoko Ono - Let Me Count The Ways  (2:16)  
5.  John Lennon - Grow Old With Me  (3:05)  
6.  Yoko Ono - You're The One  (3:56) 

Artist:  John Lennon & Yoko Ono
Title:  Milk And Honey
Release:  1984
Format:  LP
Label:  Polydor Records
Catalog#  817160-1

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M - New York-London-Paris (1980)

Artist:  M
Title:  New York-London-Paris
Release:  1979
Format:  LP
Label:  MCA Records
Catalog#  201268

M was English musician Robin Scott's brief but very successful new wave/synthpop project in the late 1970s and early 1980s.
“New York - London - Paris - Munich” is M's first album, released in 1979, the title being taken from a line in the chorus of the April 1979 hit single "Pop Muzik," an extended version of which is featured on the album.
Of course, "Pop Muzik" was the only song on M's debut album, New York-London-Paris-Munich, to become a big hit, "Moonlight and Muzak" and "That's the Way the Money Goes" were minor chart entries in the U.K.), but there's actually quite a bit of entertaining music on the record. Granted, the sound of the record is more entertaining than the songwriting, but with its synthesized, danceable beats, big, catchy hooks, and glossy "futuristic" production, it's a terrific new wave artifact.

Side one
1. Pop Muzik  (4:56)
2. Woman Make Man  (2:18)
3. Moderne Man/Satisfy Your Lust  (6:32)
4. Made in Munich  (5:36)

Side two
1. Moonlight and Muzak  (5:36)
2. That's the Way the Money Goes  (4:27)
3. Cowboys and Indians  (3:54)
4. Unite Your Nation  (5:44)

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Sommerset - Sommerset (1976)

Artist:  Sommerset
Title:  Sommerset
Release:  1975
Format:  LP
Label:  CNR Records
Catalog# 651011

Countryformatie uit Driebergen rond de drie gebroeders Sommer die in het midden van de jaren zeventig enkele grote hits scoren en de traditionele country en western een warm hart toedragen. De groep treedt zelfs op in het mekka van de countrymuziek: Nashville.
Wanneer in 1974 zangeres Rosina Lauwaars zich bij Sommerset voegt, krijgt de band meer vaste vorm. Het grote succes begint met de single “Almost Persuaded” in 1975, die in het kielzog van het Tumbleweeds succes” Somewhere Between” meevaart.
Sommerset weet succesvol te blijven middels de singles “Another Lonely Night” en “There Goes My Everything” van het album “Sommerset” uit 1975. die piekt op een 24e positie in de albumlijst. De problemen dienen zich echter aan wanneer zangeres Rosina Lauwaars aan het einde van het jaar samen met Ab van Woudenberg de groep Harmony opricht en Sommerset verlaat. Sommerset richt zich vanaf 1980 meer op pure pop en valt niet snel daarna uiteen.

Side one
1.  Another Lonely Night   
2.  I Still Belong To You   
3.  I Fall To Pieces   
4.  I'm Not Lisa   
5.  Nashville Tennessee   
6.  Iron And Stone  

Side two
1.  There Goes My Everything   
2.  Willingly   
3.  Loveletters In The Sand   
4.  Sunday Morning Coming Down   
5.  When Do You Love Me   
6.  Almost Persuaded

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Al Jarreau - Look To The Rainbow: Live In Europe (1977)

Artist:   Al Jarreau
Title:   Look To The Rainbow: Live In Europe
Release:   1977
Format:   2 LP
Label:   Warner Bros. Records
Catalog#   WB 66059

Singer Al Jarreau’s double album, “Look To The Rainbow”, is easily the most jazz-oriented of all of his Warner Bros. recordings. Recorded live in Europe between January and February 1977.
Cut shortly before Jarreau permanently switched to a more mundane version of R&B, these performances feature him as a brilliant scat singer (able to emulate practically any instrument) and a superior ballad interpreter. Joined by vibraphonist Lynn Blessing, keyboardist Tom Canning, bassist Abe Laboriel, and drummer Joe Correro, Jarreau is in top form on such numbers as “Better Than Anything,” “Look to the Rainbow” and “Take Five.” Unfortunately, Al Jarreau essentially started on top, artistically speaking, and has since been intent on emphasizing potential commercial appeal over any possible innovations or chance-taking.

Side one
1.   Letter Perfect   (5:16)
2.   Rainbow In Your Eyes   (6:17)
3.   One Good Turn   (6:30)

Side two
1.   Could You Believe   (6:49)
2.   Burst In With The Dawn   (7:24)
3.   Better Than Anything   (5:08)

Side three
1.   So Long Girl   (3:44)
2.   Look To The Rainbow   (7:54)
3.   You Don’t See Me   (6:44)

Side four
1.   Take Five   (7:20)
2.   Loving You   (5:00)
3.   We Got By   (6:47)

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Isley, Jasper, Isley - Caravan Of Love (1986)

Artist:  Isley, Jasper, Isley
Title:  Caravan Of Love
Release: 1986
Format:  LP
Label:  Epic Records
Catalog#  EPC 26656

Isley, Jasper, Isley was a splinter group of the Isley Brothers formed in 1984 by brother-in-law Chris Jasper (keyboards), Ernie Isley (lead guitar) and Marvin Isley (bass), due to creative differences that arose among the group.
Jasper, a classically trained musician and composer and the key songwriter, producer and arranger of the Isley Brothers music, became the lead vocalist on most of the trio's recordings, and was also responsible for the majority of the writing and production for the new group. The older Isley Brothers returned to their original vocal trio formation and continued to record, employing a number of musicians, producers and writers to fill the void left by Chris, Ernie, and Marvin.
Isley, Jasper, Isley released three albums on their CBS Associated label, including “Caravan of Love”, which featured the #1 out-of-the-box title hit, written and sung by Chris Jasper and subsequently covered by English recording group, the Housemartins, who made “Caravan” an international #1 pop hit. In 1988, Isley, Jasper, Isley disbanded.

Side one
1.  Dancin' Around The World  (6:05)  
2.  Insatiable Woman  (5:12)  
3.  I Can Hardly Wait  (4:13)  
4.  Liberation  (4:28) 

Side two
1.  Caravan Of Love  (5:43)  
2.  If You Believe In Love  (4:03)  
3.  High Heel Syndrome  (5:07)

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