March 26, 2015

Fischer Z - Red Skies Over Paradise (1981)

Artist:  Fischer Z
Title:  Red Skies Over Paradise
Release:  1981
Format:  LP
Label:  Liberty Records
Catalog#  1A062-83100

“Red Skies Over Paradise” is a 1981 album by Fischer Z.
With keyboardist Skolnick gone, Fischer Z continued as a trio, recording this wonderfully dark album filled with political intrigue and emotional hang-ups (making personal feelings political and vice versa). Eschewing some of their earlier quirkiness, Watts and Co. were far more direct and serious. Whether he was portraying the crazed fan (“Marliese”), the guilty survivor of a suicide (“Wristcutter’s Lullabye”), or providing social and political commentary (“Berlin,” “Red Skies Over Paradise,” “Cruise Missiles”), Watts’ lyrics were biting, but the melodies didn’t hit home quite as often as the previous album. The overwhelming response that this album received in Europe paved the way for Watts to leave home and go solo. Thus endeth Fischer-Z’s original lineup.

Side one
1.  Berlin  (4:35)
2.  Marliese  (3:52)
3.  Red Skies over Paradise  (4:32)
4.  In England 2:43)
5.  You’ll Never Find Brian Here  (2:08)
6.  Battalions Of Strangers  (5:05)

Side two
1.  Song & Dance Brigade  (3:03)
2.  The Writer  (3:22)
3.  Bathroom Scenario  (3:50)
4.  Wristcutter’s Lullaby  (2:47)
5.  Cruise Missiles  (4:17)
6.  Luton to Lisbon  (1:56)
7.  Multinationals Bite  (5:38)

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