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Kokomo - Kokomo (1982)

Artist:  Kokomo
Title:  Kokomo
Release:  1982
Format:  LP
Label:  CBS Records
Catalog# 85604

Kokomo is a British band whose members were prime exponents of British soul in the 1970s. They released three albums and the second “Rise & Shine”, was thought to be "the finest British funk album of the 1970s".
In January 1977 an indefinite hiatus was announced, with band musicians going separate ways.
Kokomo's self-titled 1982 Columbia album was produced by Chicago soul stalwarts Leo Graham and James Mack (Tyrone Davis, the Manhattans). "A Little Bit Further Away" sounds similar to the Mack-arranged ballad hit "How Bout Us" by Champaign. The LP follows in the same mellow pop/soul mode as that number except for the smooth dance tracks "Stuck in the Groove" and "Aint Never Heard the Boogie." Standouts are the mid-tempo groover "Let Me Have It All" and the pleasantly poppy "Part-Time Affair." Kokomo became a post release favorite with U.K. Northern soul fans.

Side one
1.  A Little Bit Further Away  (3:59)  
2.  Part-Time Affair  (6:15)  
3.  Follow (The Stars Will Bring You Home)  (4:43)  
4.  Nowhere To Go On Tuesday Night  (4:45) 

Side two
1.  Stuck In A Groove  (4:12)  
2.  Ain't Never Heard The Boogie  (4:23)  
3.  All Through The Night (Let Me Be The One)  (4:13)  
4.  Keep On Dancin'  (3:41)  
5.  Let Me Have It All  (3:31)

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