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Atlantic Starr - As The Band Turns (1985)

Artist:  Atlantic Starr
Title:  As The Band Turns
Release:  1985
Format:  LP
Label:  A&M Records
Catalog#  395019-1

Atlantic Starr really came up in 1985 with their last release from A&M Records entitled “As The Band Turns” featurin the Lewis Bros. with special guest Barbara Weathers, who took the replacement of Sharon Bryant.
“As The Band Turns” is an album with more spunk other than the past four albums released, its album cover is created with designs and artistic painting, the photos of each member turned, and the group’s name in different colors, paper cut-outs, crayons, and waterpaints.
On July 1985, I remember hearing “Silver Shadow” on the radio, coming home from Century Plaza and then I herad it again as soon as me and my mother were going to our grandmother’s house to spend the night, I thought the song was an excellent tune with the drums intro, the sparkling music, then the heavy drum, good beat and music, Barbara working the vocals really well along with David’s background vocals and Paulinho’s percussions. The freaky-robotic sound of Freak-A-Ristic, talks about a female that turns on Wayne. The fourth single “Secret Lovers” talks about being in love with someone that you really can’t trust so much that it just breaks your so bad.
“Cool,Calm, Collected” with a funky tune and drum beats and David singing ’bout a girl who was stalking him like a cat and gets a crush and also appers to be one of my faves, to the smooth, big husky, slow ballad of “If Your Heart Isn’t In It”, oh my gosh what a hit, the sweet humble vocals of Barbara Weathers & Wayne Lewis is so sultry that it makes you just wanna slow drag on the floor at your prom, wedding, or club or even if you’re in a screwie relationship with your girl or boy this is a song that will get your mind straight and keep it real.

Side one
1.  Freak-A-Ristic  (4:05)
2.  Cool, Calm, Collected  (4:04)
3.  One Love  (3:52)
4.  In the Heat of Passion  (4:38)
5.  If Your Heart Isn’t in It  (4:02)

Side two
1.  Silver Shadow  (4:53)
2.  Let’s Start It Over  (5:33)
3.  Secret Lovers  (5:30)
4.  Thank You  (4:29)

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