January 04, 2021

Heart - Dreamboat Annie (1976) - €10,00

Dreamboat Annie is the debut studio album by American rock band Heart. At the time, the band was based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The album was recorded on an Ampex MM1000 16-track tape recorder (which formerly belonged to United Western Recorders) at the Can-Base Studios in Vancouver, which were later renamed to the current Mushroom Studios
It was the first commercially successful album recorded there.
The album contains three commercially successful singles, two of which, Crazy on You and Magic Man, became staples on North American FM radio
Producer Mike Flicker helped the group to polish their sound and obtain a recording contract with the label.
Heart's first single, "How Deep It Goes" (backed with "Here Song"), received little attention when released in Canada by the small Mushroom label in early 1975. The second single, "Magic Man" (backed with "How Deep It Goes"), was first picked up for radio play by CJFM-FM 96 in Montreal, while the band was on tour playing small club dates.

Greatly influenced by Led Zeppelin, Heart did its part to help open doors for ladies of loudness with the excellent Dreamboat Annie
Aggressive yet melodic rockers like "Sing Child," "White Lightning & Wine," and the rock radio staples "Magic Man" and "Crazy on You" led to the tag "the female Led Zeppelin." And in fact, Robert Plant did have a strong influence on Ann Wilson
But those numbers and caressing, folk-ish ballads like "How Deep It Goes" and the title song also make it clear that the Nancy and Ann Wilson had their own identity and vision early on. 

Side A
A1.  Magic Man - 5:28
A2.  Dreamboat Annie (Fantasy Child) - 1:10
A3.  Crazy on You - 4:53
A4.  Soul of the Sea - 6:33
A5.  Dreamboat Annie - 2:02

Side B
B1.  White Lightning and Wine - 3:53
B2.  (Love Me Like Music) I’ll Be Your Song - 3:20
B3.  Sing Child - 4:55
B4.  How Deep it Goes - 3:49
B5.  Dreamboat Annie (Reprise) - 3:50

Release: 1976
Format:  LP (Gatefold)
Genre:  Rock
Label:  Arista Records
Catalog#  ARTY 139

Vinyl:  VG
Cover: VG

Prijs: €10,00

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