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Art Garfunkel - Fate For Breakfast (1979)

Artist:  Art Garfunkel
Title:  Fate For Breakfast
Release:  1979
Format:  LP
Label:  CBS Records
Catalog#  86090

“Fate for Breakfast” is the fourth solo album by Art Garfunkel released in March 1979 on Columbia Records. The European release of the album does include a different version of the song "Bright Eyes", which was featured in the film version of the novel “Watership Down”, and reached the number-one spot in the UK, and became the biggest selling single of 1979 there.

Side one
1.  In a Little While (I'll Be on My Way) (3:27)
2.  Since I Don't Have You (3:39)
3.  And I Know (3:40)
4.  Sail on a Rainbow  (3:45)
5.  Miss You Nights (3:47)

Side two
1.  Bright Eyes"  (4:00)
2.  Finally Found a Reason (2:41)
3.  Beyond the Tears (3:53)
4.  Oh How Happy (2:41)
5.  When Someone Doesn't Want You (3:34)
6.  Take Me Away (4:04)

available at: http://www.ad-vinylrecords.com

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